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facebook messenger for firefox

Facebook Messenger for Firefox launched, br...

Dec 04, 2012No Comments736 Views

Facebook Messenger for Firefox is now live, and users can interact with Facebook while visiting any website or page that can be browsed in Firefox, saving steps and truly integrating social into browsing.

google chrome

Google chrome keeps getting faster and fast...

Nov 15, 2012No Comments1794 Views

When people get frustrated with the speed of their internet, they often blame their service provider, but the culprit could be an outdated web browser. Google Chrome continues to get faster and faster over time, while others

privacyfix web privacy tool

Privacyfix: browser extension shows whoR...

Oct 16, 2012No Comments960 Views

Everyone knows that by the mere act of using the web, we are all leaking information like a sieve, but Privacyfix shows you where the leaks are and how to fix them.


Chrome extension kills frustrating JavaScri...

Aug 22, 201212 Comments1608 Views

While JavaScript has some amazing benefits, it can be troublesome for any web browser, so one coder has created a cure for the Chrome browser.

speed dial 2 for google chrome

Google Chrome extension streamlines your da...

Aug 03, 20125 Comments739 Views

Many Google Chrome extensions exist for free to make your life better, and this one makes your work day faster plus gives you stats on your web use!

internet explorer 9

Boost productivity with “accelerators...

Jun 20, 20123 Comments914 Views

Save time and increase productivity by knowing the tricks of Internet Explorer 9 by using accelerators.


Adding social context to sites with ...

May 15, 20121 Comment623 Views

Barely a month old, this new Google Chrome browser extension adds social context to any website and reduces flipping from tab to tab in a browser. Soon, it will be available on other browsers and incorporate other


Free app checks your grammar across web and...

Apr 19, 201217 Comments1393 Views

Spelling errors are terrifying enough as a business decision maker, but grammar errors are harder to spot, especially when writing a quick email. This free tool understands context and makes suggestions for alternative words when you make


Chrome for Android Beta updates make mobile...

Apr 17, 20129 Comments1752 Views

Any time a browser can promise to reduce the number of clicks it takes to get to your web destination, we perk up, because less clicks means less time and less frustration. Google chrome for Android Beta


Google Chrome innovates with tabs accessibl...

Apr 10, 201215 Comments607 Views

Google Chrome Beta users can now share their open tabs from their desktop with their smartphone or tablet and vice versa simply by being logged in. Genius!


UC Browser for Android dramatically speeds ...

Apr 10, 201224 Comments2329 Views

Any Android user knows that the speed of the native browser leaves a lot to be desired - this browser is free and focuses on faster loads and faster navigation which is tremendously helpful to business decision


Internet Explorer market share expanding, b...

Apr 02, 201216 Comments757 Views

The browser wars are still hot and recently, Internet Explorer has made some gains globally, despite a stigma the company has been trying to shed with their new "Metro" design language.