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Datamolino automates invoice data, makes it...

Apr 17, 2014No Comments1885 Views

(Business Finance) Datamolino has launched in private beta to solve one of the core pain points for businesses of all size - invoicing. They mix in automation and human touch to simplify the process.


7 videos on taxes: have a laugh or enlighte...

Apr 15, 2014No Comments1087 Views

(Business Finance) Taxes are a blessing and a curse, and no matter your feelings on the topic, there may be some facts you're unaware of, or laughs you have not yet had.

cash back credit cards

Top 3 credit cards for getting cash back

Apr 02, 20141 Comment1799 Views

(Business Finance) Whether hoping to save money on business expenses or groceries, not all cash back credit cards are created equal - NextAdvisor studies which offer the most rewards.


Bitcoin use is on the rise – what you...

Apr 02, 20141 Comment1740 Views

(Business Finance) Bitcoin is a digital currency that is making waves, and could impact your business, whether you understand the concept or not.

bank of america ken lewis

BofA exec to pay $10M penalty, is barred fr...

Mar 27, 2014No Comments658 Views

(Business Finance) Bank of America has seen the fallout from bad choices leading up to the economic crash, and one executive is facing the $10 million music.


IRS will now tax Bitcoins as property: is t...

Mar 26, 2014No Comments1531 Views

(Business Finance) Bitcoin has gone so mainstream that the IRS is now regulating it and changing taxes associated with the use of the virtual currency, but it's not all good news.


Video pokes fun at lame Kickstarter campaig...

Mar 24, 20141 Comment1809 Views

(Business Finance) Kickstarter is the leader in crowdfunding, but not all users are fundraising for meaningful projects - some are junk, as this parody video points out.

rob bank

How insiders rob banks and cause economic c...

Mar 19, 2014No Comments1360 Views

(Business Finance) Economic crises are often seen as par for the course, but when insiders' greed exacerbates problems, you have a collapse on your hands.


Cryptiv is setting out to simplify the use ...

Mar 13, 2014No Comments1411 Views

(Business Finance) With the rise of crypto currencies come the rise of tools to streamline the use thereof. Cryptiv is set to launch to help revolutionize the new era of finance.


Tax tracking isn’t complicated: here ...

Mar 13, 2014No Comments1202 Views

(Business Finance) Tax tracking can be overwhelming to some, but the Co-Founder of Deductr offers some basic tips (or you can just use their app, either way).


An easy way to get people to cough up more ...

Mar 11, 2014No Comments1607 Views

(Business Finance) Want people to give you more money for your products or services? You may be the reason your earnings are less, so take a page from the food truck industry and increase your cash flow

credit cards

When paying taxes with a credit card may be...

Mar 03, 20145 Comments2084 Views

(Business Finance) There are specific instances wherein it is actually advantageous to pay your taxes with your credit card, but which is the best choice?