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“House has spark” – burni...

Nov 16, 201128 Comments629 Views

The year is starting a march toward its natural ending, friends…and it seems a few real estate careers may be also. This week I found some real head-scratchers in local real estate ads and the MLS.  However, I get submissions from

“New bd pans inc” – Makin...

May 17, 2011No Comments391 Views

I have two things to say this week: 1. When you drink, you can’t think. 2. When you drink you can’t- … uh, what was I saying? Oh, yes – the MLS.  It was so full of bloopers this

My secret office organization tip – S...

Apr 25, 201121 Comments1553 Views

If you're still practicing to be OCD, here is a secret I don't typically share with anyone, but I'm willing to share with you today...

Lenders, Liars and Losers – Observati...

Jan 28, 201127 Comments529 Views

I don’t know about you, but I am on the verge of a breakdown. Why? Because I am so frustrated with the lending institutions that I have developed a drool, a twitch, and a wicked rash. I

“Don’t crab appraise” – something...

Jan 21, 201111 Comments560 Views

Ya’ know folks, I think I should get paid for being Captain of the MLS Police Force. I have so much activity that I’m pulling overtime. The good news is that there are a few perks: laughter, and a

“Toke All Offers” – And O...

Jan 14, 20119 Comments758 Views

There’s a party going on, and somehow – thanks to the MLS – we all got invited. Call me mellow yellow, but is there a strange skunk-like smell in the room?  Be careful reading this – you

Lowering the bar – resolutions of a h...

Jan 07, 20119 Comments463 Views

Aaaraugh! This is the time of year when we are faced with New Year’s resolutions, and I am hopelessly stumped. I try to set the bar low for myself, as I am notorious at tripping over the

“Priced to Cell” and other MLS ...

Dec 31, 201016 Comments385 Views

What a week – the fun never stops when it comes to MLS bloopers! Thanks to the always funny Matt Stigliano  of Texas and Philadelphia’s Fred Glick for their contributions. And thanks also to Anna Altic  for the strange real estate

Caught With Your Pants Down? (MLS Bloopers)

Nov 19, 201029 Comments1206 Views

Well, friends, it was a rough week in real estate advertising and MLS listings.  Pants were dropped, illegal substances were aplenty, and bodily functions needed attention.  There’s no time like the present to fess up if any

The Devil Made Me Do It! (MLS Mayhem)

Nov 12, 201022 Comments484 Views

Ahhh…the Blooper Trooper is ba-a-a-ck! I simply never run out of material thanks to the MLS, the LA Times and other print media sources. Thanks to this week’s contributors: Janie Nagy of Manhattan Beach and Bruce Walter,

“Gas not corrected” and other MLS stink...

Nov 05, 201026 Comments2729 Views

This week’s MLS and real estate ads had a distinct odor, friends. From gas to dryrot, it seems homes are becoming offensive. Moral of this blog: You can’t sell it if you can smell it! Something’s Rotten

“Here Today, Goblin Tomorrow!” ...

Oct 22, 201028 Comments1238 Views

It’s getting closer to Goblin Day, friends, so I thought I’d show you some of the Halloween treats provided by our always dependable MLS. Some of these will haunt a few spelling-challenged agents to their graves: Scare