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newhire io Onboard new hires faster with speeds up the training process for new hires

After searching for weeks for a new employee and feeling like you might not find that “perfect fit” for your team, you finally find the right person. And now they need to be briefed on company culture, practices, policies, and protocol. Giving out all this information on the first day of work can be overwhelming for the team member and frankly, quite ineffective.

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Too much information, especially of the dry nature, can lead to information overload and you certainly do not want your new employee to become stressed before they have even started their job. can help with the hiring process, allowing you to onboard new hires quickly and without subjecting them to information overload.

Save everyone time, get people to work quickly

Each time you hire a new employee, you spend the day explaining how to do all the little things that make your company run: setting the printer, answering correspondence, how to file time off forms, insurance, and everything else they need to know. With, you will write all of this information down, once, and schedule the delivery of this information to your new employees.

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This way, they can receive all the information at once, or over several days, so they have time to internalize the information, at home, without the pressure of first-day jitters threatening to interfere with remembering important information.

Helpful when you don’t have any HR department

This is especially helpful if you are running a small to medium sized business without a dedicated HR department. makes new employees feel empowered by the right information, while taking the stress off of management to deliver the information on the first day of employment. Just write your instructions, schedule when it needs to be delivered, and forget about it. Any time you add a new employee, the information will be delivered, giving you one less thing to worry about.

By onboarding new hires quickly, you keep their enthusiasm in the company going. They are more likely to have a more productive first-week because they have not been bogged down by the mundane task of reading pamphlets, forms, and procedure manuals, while worrying that they are constantly being watched and evaluated on their first day. Automating this information just makes more sense, in my opinion. has not yet launched. Sign up on their web site to be notified of its launch.

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