Gibbon: learn UX, design, history, more in minutes a week

December 11, 2013

gibbon Gibbon: learn UX, design, history, more in minutes a week

Brush up or learn a new skill

Gibbon offers a library of lessons, presented as a playlist so busy entrepreneurs can learn new skills on the go, or brush up on old tricks, all at no cost to you or your team. Perhaps you want your entire team to take a few minutes a week to learn about usability or creativity to foster their unique talents and help each employee better understand other employees’ roles.

bar Gibbon: learn UX, design, history, more in minutes a week

Gibbon is brand new to the public this week, and is extremely easy to understand – users simply sign up, commit to 10, 20, or 30 minutes a week, pick a topic, and the site generates a playlist of lessons. This method is a far cry from cracking open a book and becoming overwhelmed, rather each lesson is bite-sized and easier to commit to memory, and each item on the playlist has a time next to it, indicating how long it will take to read.

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If you know you’ll be on a conference call for 30 minutes, and the first 10 is housekeeping you don’t need to listen to, open your Gibbon playlist while you’re on hold and exercise your brain!

gibbon 1 Gibbon: learn UX, design, history, more in minutes a week

Some easy to understand metrics

Instead of Googling information on a topic and grasping at straws, Gibbons pulls together information more reasonably, and the lessons read more like articles than text books, which could be a better learning tool for certain learning types.

Each guide shows how many students (users) are reading the guide, how many chapters it has, and offers a rating system wherein if you learned something from a chapter, you can click “Mark as Learned,” and at the bottom every article, a flagging option is available so you can report bad content.

Use Gibbon to learn or to teach

Gibbon already has a well populated library of guides, but users can add their own guides, so if you have expertise to share, you don’t have to type everything out, you can actually link to videos, articles, pictures, and more, so users can consume that information.

While we suggest using Gibbon as a learning tool, some of you have some unique and amazing expertise that others could learn from to become better professionals.

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