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How Sol Republic headphones saved my work productivity

July 16, 2013

sol republics How Sol Republic headphones saved my work productivity

Sol Republic headphones saved my life. Or at least my work.

Some people need quiet on the set in order to focus, others need a soothing office environment, and others need chaos. The spectrum of needs is vast. Productivity is a finicky friend and it can require a new $0.99 app or it can require a week away in Cabo to shift your focus, and the industry that is looking to meet those needs is as vast as the spectrum of needs for environmental noise.

In college, I studied in the underground bowling alley because the noise was so chaotic that I could tune everything out as white noise, but if I studied in the library and got used to silence, all someone had to do was sneeze and I would see red, bright red, blood red, and I felt rage as my concentration was broken. I didn’t flip any tables or anything, but I really wanted to – how dare you sneeze!?

Now I’m a grown up

Now, I work in an office environment around other real people that are prone to well, breathe, which totally breaks my concentration, and anyone that knows me knows that I’m a very fast, efficient worker, but I’m not super outgoing when I’m focused. In fact, I’m kind of like a feral cat – just don’t pet me or look at me or talk to me and no one gets hurt.

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So how does a feral cat that used to study in a bowling alley survive in a work environment? Sol Republic headphones. I know, I know, you Beats fans are like “but I really enjoy having batteries next to my ear hole,” and “you love Dr. Dre, you betrayer!” It’s true, I do, but I’ve tried a lot of headphones and none live up to Sol Repulic headphones (which by the way are not nearly as expensive as most competitors).

The Sol Republic headphones saved my productivity because as a grown up feral cat, I need to listen to extremely loud, fast paced music to keep my heart rate up, which keeps my productivity levels higher. I type faster with a faster heart rate, I think faster, I think more clearly, I write more concisely (obviously I’m not wearing headphones right now), and I make decisions more swiftly.

I need the loudest dubstep, the most crude rap, or the sexiest electro house you can find in my ears during the day and it has to be upbeat. I need bass that rattles my brain and threatens my long term hearing abilities, yet doesn’t impact my coworkers. Sure, some can hear the music a little bit, but it’s not anything intrusive (try that with Beats).

So while others are in the quest for the neatest app that will skyrocket their productivity, I put on my headphones. Problem solved.

No one at AGBeat is affiliated with or knows anyone at Sol Republic, in fact I stole my husband’s headphones, bought our daughter a pair, and will be buying myself a pair so I feel less guilty about being a thief.

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