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AG shutters Agent/Genius

Apr 07, 201420 Comments3950 Views

Agent/Genius holds a lot of history Fully 9,000 articles still live here on this site, along with hundreds of thousands of comments, and so much meaning in every single one of them. We have accomplished so much

samsung galaxy s5 wu-tang clan

A tale of two leaks: Samsung Galaxy S5 and ...

Apr 01, 2014No Comments2090 Views

(Editorial) When there are leaks from the tech or music industry in modern times, is it a stunt, or is it accidental? Let's dissect two recent leaks.

internet of things

Why this is the year the “Internet of...

Mar 18, 20144 Comments3342 Views

(Tech News) Your fridge, thermostat, car, and sprinklers can all talk to the web now, representing the "Internet of Things," and it's about to explode in a huge way.


“AC will be faxed” and other ri...

Mar 12, 20141 Comment1531 Views

(Business Marketing) Typing is difficult, and spell checking is even difficulter... see? These real life marketing typos were discovered in the MLS and are sure to make you feel better about your own simple mistakes.

dalia ziada

Solve the gender gap in the tech world: qui...

Mar 11, 20144 Comments2184 Views

(Editorial) The gender gap in the technology world exists, but it is not this ugly chasm that some portray it as, and there is actually a solution that doesn't involve unfair demands and complaining.


The questionable timing of Errol Samuelson&...

Mar 10, 20149 Comments2985 Views

(Editorial) A key figure at Move, Inc. resigned without notice last week, leaving many wondering how his move to Zillow will have an impact on the real estate industry.

errol samuelson

How does Move win by losing a top realtor.c...

Mar 05, 201411 Comments3564 Views

(Editorial) Move, Inc. has lost two top executives, and most are calling this a win for their competitors, but perhaps this is their chance to get ahead again.

brick tamland

How to impress people by being stupid (and ...

Mar 03, 2014No Comments439 Views

(Business News) Did you know that admitting you don't know something can be a respectable business move? But in other situations, you better avoid it.

kelly blazek

In defense of @NEOHCommJobs’ bullying...

Feb 25, 201464 Comments9756 Views

(Editorial) When you're the keeper of jobs, people come out of the woodwork to approach you, but one such person's responses constitute bullying in our book.

middle finger

Why “The Complete Guide to Not Giving...

Feb 20, 20142 Comments2813 Views

(Editorial) Over the years, one particular blog post has rattled around in my brain, and I have finally figured out why I disagree so deeply with something I respect so much.


The true problem with innovations catching ...

Feb 19, 2014No Comments1501 Views

(Editorial) Today's innovations are numerous and impressive, but there is a problem with adoption rates, as geek jargon holds back the very concepts being so dramatically shifted.


CarParts.com: case study in offering horrib...

Feb 18, 2014No Comments2173 Views

(Editorial) We all experience bad customer service every day, but CarParts.com proves how to systematically enrage customers by implementing crap policies.