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How young entrepreneurs can pave the road f...

Oct 30, 2014No Comments1623 Views

(Business Finance) Young and new entrepreneurs can do quite a bit to prepare for a potential investment, and we're not talking about preparing a pitch.


Poachable keeps job seekers’ identity...

Oct 12, 2014No Comments2587 Views

(Tech News) Poachable has launched to match job seekers anonymously with employers so the employed can search with less risk.


Cracking the code: starting a company that ...

Oct 05, 2014No Comments183 Views

Starting a company can be tough, and balancing consumers and vendors can be unmanageable for many, but these insider tips will inspire your path.

kent state urban outfitters

Urban Outfitters “apologizes” f...

Sep 16, 2014No Comments3514 Views

(Editorial) Urban Outfitters screws up, fails to apologize, and craps on a national tragedy (the same tragedy that kickstarted my career).

startup investors

6 surprising things startup investors don&#...

Aug 20, 2014No Comments2767 Views

(Editorial) Startup investors are busy and they're considering hundreds of companies at any given time, so be sure you know how NOT to waste their time or annoy them (if you want their money, of course).

zillow trulia

Firm says Zillow/Trulia have potential anti...

Aug 05, 2014No Comments1273 Views

(Editorial) While the industry reflects on Zillow's acquisition of Trulia, one research firm cites potential anti-trust blood that could be on the companies' hands.

ikea family card

Why the IKEA Family Card is pretty much use...

Jul 25, 2014No Comments3332 Views

(Editorial) The IKEA Family Card and other retailers' discount cards are useless, despite your having to give up your personal identity to join a club that never benefits you.

digital trends

Additional thoughts on the shift in digital...

Jul 23, 2014No Comments5726 Views

(Editorial) Reading habits have dramatically changed and are continuing to change, but how did we get here and where are we going?


How to network from scratch even if you thi...

Jul 22, 2014No Comments4539 Views

(Editorial) Whether you're new to a space or just a first time conference goer, it can be intimidating to get around the room, but with these unique tips, you'll master any room.

ted talks

Why you should stop watching TED Talks

Jul 08, 20143 Comments5700 Views

(Editorial) TED Talks are amazing. Wonderful. Inspiring. But you should reconsider how much time you spend on them and how you let them impact your life.


How Facebook, Twitter, Instagram could inst...

Jul 04, 2014No Comments3942 Views

(Editorial) Facebook, Twitter and the like are all lacking in features, but there's one place that is pointing them in the right direction, even if they're ignoring it.

let's do coffee

Why “let’s do coffee” is ...

Jun 24, 201410 Comments7990 Views

(Business Editorial) You've been told by the gurus that you should be sending out mass "let's do coffee" email requests to influencers, but I'm here to tell you that you've been misled.