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AnyFu: hire tech experts for affordable scr...

Apr 29, 20126 Comments770 Views

Finding a legitimate expert or even vetting an expert for your tech needs can be a lot like playing an expensive game of Russian roulette, but AnyFu steps in to give you direct access to vetted tech


Business templates, videos for small busine...

Feb 04, 201228 Comments794 Views

Knowledge is power Creating your first startup or small business can be an exciting and stressful experience, whether you’ve been in the business world for a while or you’ve just started out. The truth is, you probably


Flipcomp helps real estate investors find, ...

Jan 13, 201234 Comments2157 Views

Finding flip opportunities After a decade practicing real estate, Curt Ranta founded FlipComp for real estate investors to analyze opportunities for residential real estate flipping with the goal not only of helping investors to locate flip opportunities,

“Breakfast hook” – More M...

Dec 21, 201125 Comments475 Views

Well friends, this is my last blooper post of the year, and I still have not run out of material. I don’t know whether to thank these hapless agents or to flog them. At the very least, Perhaps


FirstAmerican files offer to buy back its s...

Oct 22, 201115 Comments737 Views

SEC papers filed LOS ANGELES – After spinning off data and analytics company CoreLogic, First American Financial Corp this week offered to buy the company back, just two short years after its creation. Initially, CoreLogic was started


Wait, why did Batman get his real estate li...

Oct 18, 20118 Comments421 Views

Ah, okay, that explains it. Sorry you lost your ass in the real estate market, Mr. Wayne. The video above is a silly Halloween stunt the CloudCMA.com guys (W&R Studios) put together today, what do you think?


Clefit – presentation tool for iPads ...

Oct 09, 20115 Comments576 Views

As seen above, Clefit is a simple app that allows you to create multi-media interactive presentations for iPad then sharing it or even downloading to your Dropbox account. It’s a simple way to whip up a product

RentChimp real estate bookmarking site look...

Aug 04, 201112 Comments771 Views

RentChimp’s 2011 launch LOS ANGELES – In 2008, AGBeat introduced the real estate world to real estate bookmarking webapp Dwellicious.com which was recently acquired by real estate marketing company VHT. In April, we introduced you to bookmarking

New mobile IDX takes nontraditional, impres...

Jul 07, 201140 Comments796 Views

Mobile IDX soon to be released Although not yet announced, we have gotten the scoop on Diverse Solution’s new dsSearchAgent Mobile IDX which is in the final stages of getting “polished.” The company has been beta testing


MingleBird app makes a game of offline netw...

Jun 02, 20112 Comments352 Views

Making offline social networking easier In Austin, we founded a massive free social event every month for people online to meet offline (#BASHH) and we do our best to help attendees to connect, but like any party