Two out of three called 2013 a bad year, study shows

December 30, 2013

depression Two out of three called 2013 a bad year, study shows

Study reveals that most are ready to say goodbye to 2013

For some people, 2013 was a very good year, but for the majority of people, it was a tough year. It is a tangible feeling on the ground, with many people citing that the holiday spirit was minimal and that many were just going through the motions.

bar Two out of three called 2013 a bad year, study shows
A new study reveals the data behind these emotions but not necessarily why there is lingering pessimism – we suspect it is simply because of fatigue from a long recession, and while the nation is slowly recovering, the reality has set in that many wallets will never see pre-recession cash levels again.

Many called 2013 a bad year for the world

The Economist and YouGov teamed up to ask Americans their feelings on 2013, and many respondents were simply ready to sweep the year under the rug and move on, with 54 percent calling 2013 a “bad year” for the world, with another 15 percent calling it a “very bad year,” while 3.0 percent called it a “very good year,” and 29 percent said it was a “good year.” Of note, only 13 percent of Republicans said that 2013 was a good year for the world.

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Polling revealed that “There are almost no issues where a majority of Americans have seen improvement. Only a quarter say health care coverage is better today than it was a year ago; more than half say it has gotten worse, reflecting the continued poor assessments given to the Administration’s health care reform,” with over half calling the reform a failure, and just short of half believing that repealing the bill is the way to go.

One in four called 2013 a bad or very bad year for their family

One in four people said that 2013 was a bad or very bad year for their families, supporting that tangible feeling on the ground that despair remains. The page will turn on 2013 this week, and according to the survey, many people are ready to see it go, which in and of itself indicates that there is hope for a better year in 2014, hopes which may be met as the economy sluggishly but surely recovers.

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