6 videos to help you master the art of negotiation

December 2, 2013
negotiation 6 videos to help you master the art of negotiation

Scroll down for videos that will help anyone improve their negotiation skills.

Negotiation is a dying art

With all of the attention paid to how many Twitter followers a professional has or how many web leads converted in a year, fewer people are focusing on the fundamentals of business, particularly negotiation. With less time spent face to face and more time lost to lesser nuanced forms of communication like email which lacks tone, negotiation has become not only more complicated, but has become a skill fewer and fewer people possess.

When a client can fire you over email without having to face you, and employees are getting fired via text message, the world is focused on understanding how those forms of communication can be improved. But to stay ahead in today’s, yesterday’s, and tomorrow’s world, understanding how how to negotiate can give you the biggest business advantage.

Whether negotiating with a vendor on their pricing, an employee about their salary, a landlord about your office lease, or a client on their contract, knowing how to negotiate without being a jerk or pushover is a valuable asset.

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Below, we’ve showcased a handful of videos that can help anyone to become a better negotiator, and help the negotiation skills of entry level workers all the way to veteran lawyers.

Some of these videos are very brief, some are lengthy, but here’s a hint – we put our favorite video in the top spot. Let us know in the comments what you learn or which video you most enjoyed!

Negotiation: Getting What You Want

The Walk from No to Yes: TED Talk

What is Integrative Negotiation?

What is Distributive Negotiation?

The Science Behind Framing

The 4 Main Negotiation Strategies

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