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starbucks sign

Why is Starbucks nixing CD sales?

Feb 25, 2015No Comments1284 Views

Why is Starbucks getting rid of CDs on their shelves, and what does this mean for the music industry?


Analysts forecast Sears as the next big box...

Feb 25, 2015No Comments1206 Views

Sears has hemorrhaged money of late, and creditors are grumbling that their days are numbered, but does Sears have tricks up their sleeve?

target organic food

Target is set to double their organic food ...

Feb 25, 2015No Comments1399 Views

Under new leadership, Target is making big changes, and their Made to Matter initiative could expose many to organic foods they otherwise wouldn't have had access to.


Uber privately blacklists some of their use...

Feb 25, 2015No Comments535 Views

Uber, a simple app that hails a private driver, has been found to be blacklisting some of their customers - what does this mean for riders, and for Uber?


West Coast port debacle comes to a close, b...

Feb 25, 2015No Comments484 Views

As the months-long standoff that crippled West Coast port activity, an agreement has been reached, but many businesses will suffer regardless.


#SXsingle Meet Up: new SXSW Interactive soc...

Feb 23, 2015No Comments1617 Views

The first ever #SXsingle Meet Up helps connect Southby attendees over free drinks. Many connections have been made, so one SXSW director is helping to streamline the process.


Why shoppers buy things like soda or soap b...

Feb 20, 2015No Comments1865 Views

Soda, soap, and more are bought for reasons aside from name recognition - turns out their shape is pretty important.


Target leaves other companies in the lurch ...

Feb 18, 2015No Comments1940 Views

Target will shut down in Canada, leaving suppliers and other companies in the lurch as they get their finances in order. They say their goal is to exit in a fair and orderly way.

rejection letter

Job rejection letter inspires snarky gramma...

Feb 18, 20152 Comments2069 Views

When a job candidate gets a sloppy rejection letter, she edits and publishes a correct version on Twitter, sparking laughs and criticism alike.


How a framework can help you accomplish mor...

Feb 18, 2015No Comments1272 Views

A framework is a specific device used to help improve your chances at success. If you're already skipping the gym or ignoring emails this year, here's how to get back on the wagon.


Detroit Bistro surprises guests, picks up a...

Feb 17, 20151 Comment1221 Views

Much to diners' surprise, over the weekend, a Detroit bistro paid for all diners' food and drink, unannounced, as a thank you. Brilliant!

makers mark

Walmart sues Texas over “unconstituti...

Feb 17, 2015No Comments1722 Views

Walmart takes Texas to court over a law that prohibits them from selling liquor - what does this mean for small liquor stores and Walmart as the case progresses?