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Family Dollar rejects Dollar General propos...

Aug 24, 2014No Comments4206 Views

(Business News) Dollar General offers Family Dollar a lucrative merger, which the company promptly rejected in favor of the Dollar Tree deal.


3 ways successful startups solve consumersâ...

Aug 21, 2014No Comments1839 Views

(Business) Startups that succeed have some commonalities that can be duplicated at any sized new brand, or one looking to expand.

starbucks sign

Starbucks wants to bring your favorite brew...

Aug 21, 2014No Comments1922 Views

(Business News) Starbucks wants to bring your favorite brew even closer. Mobile stores will be tested on three college campuses.


Practical skills every tech startup busines...

Aug 18, 2014No Comments480 Views

(Business News) Whether looking to start or join a tech startup as the go-to business person, there are skills required and often lacking in the person occupying this role.

listhub zillow

Is Zillow lying to brokers to trick them in...

Aug 14, 2014No Comments2761 Views

(Business News) In a letter obtained by, it appears that Zillow is contacting brokers claiming their feed is not showing up in Zillow, but ListHub has confirmed receipt of all listings in question.

great leader

Can being a follower make you a great leade...

Aug 13, 20141 Comment2192 Views

(Business News) Can you be a leader and go with the flow, or will you simply be trampled by your employees? Let's talk about improving our leadership skills.

glassdoor benefits

Glassdoor now lets you compare perks, benef...

Aug 06, 20141 Comment3154 Views

(Business News) Glassdoor, the Yelp of job hunting, now offers benefits comparisons and reviews, adding even more transparency to the business world.


NLRB ruling against McDonald’s: impac...

Aug 04, 2014No Comments994 Views

(Business News) As the NLRB rules that McDonald's is jointly liable for their franchisors' labor and wage violations, we must ask how this ruling impacts the small business world.


Restaurant gives surprise discounts for ...

Aug 03, 2014No Comments2559 Views

(Business News) To reward people for just being good people, one North Carolina restaurant is giving 15% off to customers that offer gratitude before eating. Bingo.


Does being beautiful equal a better career ...

Aug 02, 2014No Comments2890 Views

(Business News) Looking at studies from various fields over time, it is clear that being beautiful gives some people an advantage in the workforce. But it's not all bad news for ugly folks!


What most frequently leads employees to qui...

Jul 30, 2014No Comments4140 Views

(Business News) Workplace annoyances can lead to major frustration for employees: what drives an employee to quit and how can you prevent it.


Do longer work weeks equal greater producti...

Jul 29, 2014No Comments3057 Views

(Business News) As the lines between personal and professional time continue to blur, it is important to know the effect longer hours can have on employees and their productivity.