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i can't breathe

Woman to trademark “I Can’t Bre...

Dec 19, 2014No Comments2690 Views

(Business News) Made famous by a tragedy, the "I Can't Breathe" phrase is the subject of a new trademark application, but this is one strange case...


6 fresh ways to motivate the Millennials at...

Dec 18, 2014No Comments2548 Views

(Business News) Millennials as a generation are now becoming better understood, and as they enter the workforce and climb the ladder, employers can attract and retain them through keeping them motivated in unique ways.


Kmart’s “inadvertent” can...

Dec 17, 2014No Comments1889 Views

(Business News) Kmart ruins Christmas for online shoppers who began paying or already paid off many layaway items, and their apology fails to smooth things over.


What does the “new Congress” me...

Dec 14, 2014No Comments2179 Views

(Business News) Calls to raise minimum wage have been heard far and wide, but what does the success or failure of these referendums mean to your business?


Sell your services with Amazon, yes Amazon

Dec 11, 20141 Comment3916 Views

(Business News) More and more people are buying on the Internet. Selling your services through Amazon is a good option for reaching a broader audience.

holiday shopping

This year, consumers will check online revi...

Dec 09, 2014No Comments2968 Views

(Business News) When shoppers hit stores, before they swipe their cards, they'll be looking at online reviews in hoards - brands that want to win better know the facts.

zillow logo

Zillow the target of yet another lawsuit by...

Dec 07, 2014No Comments2518 Views

(Business News) Mark Geragos' law firm has filed yet another lawsuit against Zillow, alleging more problems at their sales offices in California.

olive garden

One Olive Garden Pasta Pass owner skipped g...

Dec 04, 2014No Comments4007 Views

(Business News) One man used his all-access Olive Garden pass to feed strangers, family, and friends. Talk about a yummy random acts of kindness.

court justice

Move sues former VP, Curt Beardsley, allegi...

Dec 03, 2014No Comments3666 Views

(Business News) After nearly a decade at Move, Curt Beardsley made a questionable exit alongside former boss, Errol Samuelson. Move has responded with a serious lawsuit, seeking substantial damages.


Zillow faces harsh accusations of a culture...

Dec 03, 2014No Comments3096 Views

(Business News) A former Zillow employee alleges a widespread culture problem at Zillow and is suing for sexual harassment targeted at her. The lawsuit is expected to expand.

spending money at target

Thanksgiving weekend in-store sales numbers...

Dec 01, 2014No Comments3241 Views

(Business News) Black Friday sales and Thanksgiving weekend shoppers didn't spend nearly as much this year as last, so what does this mean for the coming shopping season?

cigarette smoke

City’s proposal to ban tobacco sales ...

Nov 20, 2014No Comments3441 Views

(Business News) The first city to attempt to ban tobacco sales has dropped their controversial proposal, drawing support and criticism.