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Judge rules IP addresses not enough info fo...

Apr 20, 2015No Comments928 Views

One Florida judge is shaking up how to make pirates walk the plank, by ruling IP addresses alone are not enough information to prove identity.

mo's bows

Boy genius gets his product into Neiman Mar...

Apr 19, 2015No Comments2797 Views

Bridges’ business skyrocketed after he appeared on Shark Tank and at 13, he's off to an amazing start to be the next big thing in fashion entrepreneurs.


Delia’s may survive after all, and we...

Apr 19, 2015No Comments1165 Views

What’s that noise? Delia’s is back and they are re-launching? Yes, that’s the word on the street. They'll reopen online, soon. Yay!


Micro-startups: Why more companies want the...

Apr 19, 20152 Comments2168 Views

As social media platforms continue to butt heads against one other, acquiring startups is becoming a way to boost their reach without spending too much.


Is Yahoo really looking to acquire Foursqua...

Apr 19, 2015No Comments1725 Views

Yahoo has been rumored to have their sights set on Foursquare, but do they really and why would they want to acquire the "check-in" app?


Sprint to offer brand new service: a little...

Apr 13, 2015No Comments2656 Views

Sprint is changing the way customers buy or upgrade their mobile devices by introducing a new program called Sprint Direct 2 You.


Amazon files first lawsuit against fake pos...

Apr 13, 20151 Comment778 Views

Lawsuits are not just for undisclosed, compensated reviews. They're also for fake reviews, both positive and negative and Amazon has filed their first suit.


Sears set to make $114 million from Simon d...

Apr 13, 2015No Comments758 Views

Sears Holding Corp. has agreed to a joint real estate venture with Simon Property Group Inc., that will generate an estimated $114 million.


Verizon is tracking users, big time: The FC...

Apr 12, 20152 Comments1697 Views

Wireless companies have used tracking cookies to target advertising to you for quite some time, but Verizon has gone above and beyond with supercookies.

amazon dash button

Amazon Dash buttons: Height of laziness, or...

Apr 12, 2015No Comments1988 Views

While the Amazon Dash button has certainly become an interesting novelty, it speaks more about our instant gratification culture than anything else.

craigslist map features

Crazy employment ad on Craigslist will prob...

Apr 10, 2015No Comments3451 Views

A crazy Craigslist ad is making the rounds, and everyone thinks it's funny. I think someone might be going to jail....

Businesspeople having lunch indoors.

Lunchcruit: Enjoy a free lunch with a side ...

Apr 07, 2015No Comments1909 Views

The only thing better than a free lunch is ordering your dream job for dessert. Too good to be true? One company is working to make it happen.