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Class action lawsuit against JCPenney alleg...

May 20, 2015No Comments

A judge has granted class action status to a lawsuit against JCPenney alleging illegal phantom discounts.


Cool speakeasy inside of a Coke vending mac...

May 20, 2015No Comments

The era of prohibition is long gone, but one cool speakeasy is hidden behind a soda machine - could this spark a re-emergence of hidden


Starbucks transforms historic gas station i...

May 19, 20151 Comment

Starbucks has gotten a lot of press by doing a tricky renovation on a historic Art Deco style gas station, and the results are gorgeous.


Great video on procrastination that youR...

May 05, 20151 Comment

Why is it that we love to put off responsibility until the last possible second? One YouTuber examines the reasons procrastination - don't put off

honest tea

Honest Tea to be served at Wendy’s: B...

Apr 30, 2015No Comments

Wendy's will soon serve Honest Tea at their restaurants: what this says about the organic food movement, and how chains will make more money by

seed sumo

Seed Sumo announces their second annual acc...

Apr 30, 2015No Comments

Seed Sumo brings a new energy to Bryan, Texas and to the startup world as they reveal their next class of companies being accelerated.

short sale

Tips for taking more control of your time

Apr 28, 2015No Comments

Time is a precious commodity in the workplace, and taking control of it can lead to a more productive business life.

the shoe that grows

The Shoe That Grows: adjustable shoes for k...

Apr 27, 2015No Comments

The Shoe That Grows was invented for children in poverty and the design adjusts to grow with them over five years. Brilliant!


K-Cup inventor regrets his creation, won...

Apr 23, 2015No Comments

K-Cup use is a part of most morning routines these days, so why does their inventor reject using them?

science of awkwardness

The science behind awkwardness and how to d...

Apr 21, 20151 Comment

Awkwardness can be debilitating, it can crush deals, slow down your career, and well, make you feel awkward. Here's the science behind it and how

whole foods

Americans now spend more at restaurants tha...

Apr 21, 2015No Comments

Millennials are changing the way we traditionally function: for the first time ever, Americans are spending more on dining out than on groceries.


Judge rules IP addresses not enough info fo...

Apr 20, 2015No Comments

One Florida judge is shaking up how to make pirates walk the plank, by ruling IP addresses alone are not enough information to prove identity.