Property listing bloopers for the history books

January 25, 2012

3937600746 d9363924d3 Property listing bloopers for the history books

The “Tajma Hall of leases”??? This agent should be sealed in a mausoleum until he can pass a spelling test AND a history test! However, he wasn’t the only one who buried himself this week – check out these other  bloopers, friends:

Please tell me it’s a joke…

“Presenting the Tajma Hall of Leases” (Presenting the idiot savant of agents.)

“Blow-up sale” (Did this occur before or after you blew up your career?)”

“Electriiciity now on” (I suspect you tested the outlets with a fork…)

“Key hidden under matt” (I can only imagine where Matt’s keyhole is…)

“Dont hasittate” (Don’t drink Nyquil.)

Please tell me you don’t live in L.A

“Here it is – a buyer’s dram” (There it goes – an agent’s six-pack.)

“A correction of  statues”  (Is this when someone paints little panties on their bare, marble arses?)

“Canceleed – agent suck” (Who ever said introspection is overrated?)

“Lush on gate” (Lush about to hit the floor…)

“Bring the city into your home” (At last – an explanation for the LAPD choppers circling overhead with their spotlights frying all life here in the canyon…)

Advertise at AG

Okay, then just tell me you’re an only child…

“Private and ga”  (Uh, hello? Chest paddles, anyone? )

“Flos now finished” (I suspect you may be, too…)

“Erotic plants” (Let me guess – they climb on poles?)

“Bald touches everywhere” (That’s what I said when I saw Bruce Willis on meth.)

This week’s fave:

“Park at Kim’s Wart” ( I dunno…is there a hair growing out of it?)

That’s all until next week, folks. Spell and Sell! 

I wear several hats: My mink fedora real estate hat belongs to Sotheby’s International Realty on the world famous Sunset Strip. I’M not world famous, but I've garnered a few Top Producer credits along the way. I also wear a coonskin writer's cap with an arrow through it, having written a few novels and screenplays and scored a few awards there, too. (The arrow was from a tasteless critic.) My sequined turban is my thespian hat for my roles on stage, and in film and television, Dahling. You can check me out in all my infamy at LinkedIn, LAhomesite.com, SherlockOfHomes, IMDB or you can shoot arrows at my head via email. I can take it.


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