Japanese companies now advertising on womens’ thighs

December 3, 2013

thighvertising Japanese companies now advertising on womens thighs

Well thanks, Japan

It’s no secret that Japanese marketers are extremely creative, and several marketing trends start in the heart of the Asian nation, but there’s a new trend sweeping the country that we are thinking has a chance of catching on, at least in the music and conference scene.

The new advertising spaces getting all of the attention is where the eye is naturally drawn by both genders – the space in between a mini skirt or shorts and knee-high socks, a popular combination in Japan. Women are now renting out their legs for the day, according to RocketNews.

Participants must wear mini skirts or shorts and have exposed thighs in conjunction with knee high boots or socks, drawing the eye to the stamp or photo or product logo that is seeking to advertise. They must wear the ads for a minimum of eight hours, and must take a photo of their legs with the ad and publish them on their social networking sites.

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thighvertising 3 Japanese companies now advertising on womens thighs

Smart campaign setup

So, not only are advertisers buying ad space in a creative spot for the day, but are getting a double whammy by requiring the women to publish photos of themselves, expanding the branding opportunity to their own personal social networks.

Reportedly, there are already 1,300 women who have registered to participate, booming from only 100 at launch. The participants may only register if they are over 18 years old and are already connected to at least more than 20 people currently registered.

This is a creative concept that we doubt will catch on and go mainstream in North America, but you could definitely see this becoming common around conferences, at booths and outside, as well as in the entertainment industry. It’s an inexpensive and creative move, so we’ll see how it catches on stateside.

thighvertising 4 Japanese companies now advertising on womens thighs

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