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The Ginger Project: easily create short explainer videos

December 17, 2013

ginger project The Ginger Project: easily create short explainer videos

Ginger Project for explainer videos

Made popular in the mid-2000s by companies like Common Craft, explainer videos are brief videos created for and uploaded to the web to boil down complicated concepts or business mission statements into extremely easy to grasp visuals, obliterating the tradition of PowerPoint presentations riddled with bullet points.

bar The Ginger Project: easily create short explainer videos

This has led to the rise of explainer video specialists that do the majority of the work in the industry, helping brands to explain concepts to their audience, often about the company itself. But brands that want to do it themselves are often of luck and to accomplish anything of quality have to hire these experts.

While we are strongly in favor of hiring experts in every situation, if you’re a solopreneur, on a budget, or just stubborn and want to do everything on your own, there are tools available that allow you to create explainer videos on your own, even if you aren’t exactly tech-savvy.

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Enter The Ginger Project

The Ginger Project is about to launch to allow users to record their voice, add simple graphics, and customize fonts, colors, and motion, making adjustments automatically so the story “sounds extraordinary.” Communicating visually is relevant in today’s fast paced social media world, and gives people a reason to share content about you if it is well done and interesting.

Here is what one of the polished products look like:

Now, this appears to be an easy to use and understand platform, but it is unclear whether or not it will be strictly for iPads, what pricing will exist (we believe it is and will remain free, as the Terms of Service make no mention of payment platforms or terms).

We believe The Ginger Project is a good starting point for people looking to do explainer videos, then graduate to other easy to use tools like Flowtility and ultimately, doing it yourself with editing tools once you get the hang of it.

Another final product using The Ginger Project:

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