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airbnb logo

Will Airbnb’s new genitalia-esque log...

Jul 20, 2014No Comments2239 Views

(Business Marketing) As Airbnb rolls their new logo out, the company Founder says you can all go ahead and laugh that it may resemble various genitalia.


If a terrorist group adopts your brand̵...

Jul 08, 20143 Comments2066 Views

(Public Relations) Isis mobile payments are having quite a time of their name as a terrorist group adopts the same name for their brand. Let's discuss the conundrum.

cash hand

Flashing cash on Facebook: why some people ...

Jun 26, 2014No Comments2945 Views

(Business Marketing) You may scroll right past Facebook posts or users that flash cash and recruit "leaders" into their "team," but others don't - why don't they know better? Let's discuss.


VidSpoke: $20 customized YouTube videos for...

Jun 24, 20142 Comments3133 Views

(Business Marketing) Create personalized YouTube videos by selecting a VidSpoke spokesperson to record your own customized content.


5 ways to more effectively market to Millen...

Jun 18, 20141 Comment4102 Views

(Business Marketing) Millennials are often a misunderstood, yet increasingly economically powerful generation, and every business can improve their bottom line by winning this demographic over.


3 ways small brands can compete online with...

May 27, 20141 Comment5178 Views

(Business Marketing) Small brands may secretly be intimidated by the efforts of their larger counterparts, but there are ways to compete with more strength online.

cute stuff

Study: will people actually pay more for &#...

May 27, 2014No Comments3575 Views

(Business Marketing) Will consumers today choose "cute" over function when given the choice? A new study answers the question for us.

lie detector

Red flags in emails that reveal when someon...

May 27, 2014No Comments3237 Views

(Business Marketing) Can you tell when someone is lying to you in an email? Do more than trust your gut, learn the red flags.


Visage customizes your visual data: tool fo...

May 23, 2014No Comments4054 Views

(Business Marketing) From the creators of comes Visage, a visual data tool for the non-designers so anyone can have consistent branded presentations, blog graphics, and more.

2014 logos

The top 15 logo design trends for 2014

May 21, 2014No Comments8651 Views

(Business Marketing) Logo design has come a long way and several trends have come to fruition leading to sophisticated, sleek, beautiful trends that we love.


Webrooming is the new antonym for showroomi...

May 16, 2014No Comments3449 Views

(Business Marketing) Showrooming is widely known as the practice of consumers finding web deals while in a store and skipping the register at brick and mortar stores - "webrooming" is being dubbed as the opposite act.

email marketing win-back programs

Study shows marketers give up on email subs...

May 14, 20143 Comments2998 Views

(Business Marketing) A new study reveals that win-back programs and "we miss you" emails bring back consumers that many marketers are giving up on too soon.