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Ryan Schattner is a real estate broker associate with RE/MAX Gold in California, specializing in investment properties. He is also the creator of the Escrow Coordinator PLUS real estate business platform. His writing focuses on increasing productivity and efficiency through the use of technology, and planning.


Ten opportunities to touch market to real e...

Nov 05, 20118 Comments1286 Views

Building credibility online To build credibility with your sphere of influence, it is critical that you stay in front of them, let them get to know you, then hopefully, they will buy or sell a home with

Branding lesson learned from the rise and f...

Oct 11, 20118 Comments1232 Views

The short life of Redfin Scouting Reports What is it that you do to make your real estate business unique? What makes the phone ring, and what do people come to you for? With the recent launch

Crash course for short sale beginners ̵...

Sep 29, 201119 Comments1410 Views

Short sale productivity Short-sales are just about the only properties to list right now if you don’t have an REO account in most regions of the US. If you have a lead pipe to get the listing,

Cultivating real estate leads with free Goo...

Sep 14, 201137 Comments1934 Views

Simple to get set up Google forms is a great little program that is easy to figure out, and provides a great way to generate some new leads for your real estate business. You have probably come

investment houses

Improve an investor’s business to improve...

Sep 07, 20116 Comments1365 Views

Investing on the rise Real estate investors are dominating many real estate markets across the country that have high volumes of REO properties. A lot of them are drawn in by the great opportunity of multiple exit

Eight motivating business tasks to perform ...

Aug 31, 201136 Comments1536 Views

Everyone goes through a lull during the work day Do you ever have those moments during the day where you just can’t find anything to do? You want to work but you can’t think of where to

Implementing real estate business checklist...

Aug 23, 201129 Comments3911 Views

Seeking efficiency in the real estate process So you are busy. Your advertising is working, you’re getting referrals, and you feel like your real estate business is at capacity. Before you go and hire an assistant you

Improving real estate productivity by getti...

Aug 17, 201119 Comments2336 Views

Increase productivity, make more money Do you have systems and steps for the way you run your real estate business or do you prefer to fly by night and make it up as you go? Creating and