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5 reasons you should have a mentor in busin...

Apr 01, 2014No Comments1298 Views

(Business News) Having a mentor in business can improve your chances of success, and for some less obvious reasons than you may expect.

the expert short film

Video mocks insane client requests, empathi...

Mar 31, 2014No Comments2493 Views

(Business News) Experts are often asked to do the impossible, and the reactions of people who think they are making a simple request are captured in this painful to watch parody video.


DandyLoop: mutual product recommendation to...

Mar 30, 2014No Comments1331 Views

(Business Marketing) DandyLoop has launched in private beta to help improve online store sales in a transparent way.

facebook connectivity lab

Facebook wants to bring internet everywhere...

Mar 28, 20141 Comment1282 Views

(Tech News) Facebook has unveiled a concept to use drones and lasers to bring better connectivity to nations with slow internet so they can better access basic financial, educational, and health information.

microsoft office ipad

Microsoft Office for iPad now in the App St...

Mar 28, 20142 Comments1317 Views

(Tech News) Office for iPad has finally hit the App Store, bringing a native app experience to Apple fans, but there is a financial catch some aren't pumped about.

proximity marketing

4 Reasons proximity marketing beats your co...

Mar 27, 20142 Comments1968 Views

(Business Marketing) Brands are being told that developing their own app is all the rage, one expert espouses the superiority of proximity marketing - find out why.

oculus rift facebook

Comic explains all you need to know about F...

Mar 27, 20141 Comment1281 Views

(Tech News) Facebook has acquired Oculus Rift (virtual reality headset) company for $2 billion, and businesses shouldn't assume it doesn't impact them.


IRS will now tax Bitcoins as property: is t...

Mar 26, 2014No Comments1543 Views

(Business Finance) Bitcoin has gone so mainstream that the IRS is now regulating it and changing taxes associated with the use of the virtual currency, but it's not all good news.


Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case: Why your co...

Mar 26, 2014No Comments1475 Views

(Business News) Companies' compliance with Obamacare may soon rely on the Supreme Court's decision in the Hobby Lobby case which cites religious freedom is violated by being forced to provide morning-after pills and IUDs to employees as

link bubble

Link Bubble: best thing to happen to Androi...

Mar 25, 20142 Comments1497 Views

(Tech News) Opening links from social networks while on an Android can be an obnoxious app-leaving task, but Link Bubble has just fixed it for good.


Sprint shutting down repair centers, stores...

Mar 24, 20141 Comment1636 Views

(Business News) Sprint is shuttering some stores and call centers and cutting staff, but will continue to invest heavily in transitioning from 3G to 4G LTE.

delta innovation class

Book a plane seat guaranteed to be next to ...

Mar 24, 2014No Comments1771 Views

(Business News) Want to pick the brain of your favorite business leader? Delta and LinkedIn have teamed up to make it possible and free, offering a mentor program at 35,000 feet.