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6 fresh ways to motivate the Millennials at...

Dec 18, 20141 Comment1026 Views

(Business News) Millennials as a generation are now becoming better understood, and as they enter the workforce and climb the ladder, employers can attract and retain them through keeping them motivated in unique ways.


Kmart’s “inadvertent” can...

Dec 17, 2014No Comments637 Views

(Business News) Kmart ruins Christmas for online shoppers who began paying or already paid off many layaway items, and their apology fails to smooth things over.


5 ways the digital age has impacted recruit...

Dec 16, 2014No Comments2264 Views

(Business) Recruiting has shifted in recent years due to technologies, so what must employers and talent do to evolve?

holiday shopping

This year, consumers will check online revi...

Dec 09, 2014No Comments4193 Views

(Business News) When shoppers hit stores, before they swipe their cards, they'll be looking at online reviews in hoards - brands that want to win better know the facts.

startup ecosystem

Beyond the Bay: comparing other cities̵...

Dec 08, 2014No Comments848 Views

(Tech News) The startup world is often synonymous with San Francisco, but what opportunities exist for startups, investors, and developers outside of the Bay area?

gas tax

Gas prices are down, so are gas taxes about...

Dec 08, 2014No Comments1088 Views

Do low gas prices mean higher gas taxes are on the way? Budgeting for 2015 just got a bit more complicated, if some politicians have their way.

pantone marsala

Pantone unveils their 2015 color of the yea...

Dec 07, 2014No Comments4883 Views

(Business Marketing) Pantone sets the tone for this coming year, naming Marsala, a deep wine red, as the color of the year. Why you should care about this news.

app privacy

How to quickly know if an app is going to i...

Nov 24, 20141 Comment4737 Views

(Tech News) When you download an app, do you know if it will violate your privacy, or if your information is safe? Here's how to find the answer.

open office space

Is the open office concept really superior?...

Nov 05, 2014No Comments4612 Views

(Business News) The open office concept is actually fairly old, but catching on quickly. There are pros and cons to this layout theory to consider.

sprint iphone-plan

Sprint’s “iPhone for Life”...

Oct 14, 2014No Comments4761 Views

(Tech News) Sprint hopes their new "iPhone for Life" plan that "guarantees" the newest iPhone every 2 years, is the honey they need to attract more customers.

credit cards

On 56th anniversary of credit cards, Fed sa...

Oct 01, 20142 Comments748 Views

(Economy) Consumer debt hits an all-time high as we celebrate nearly six decades of charge cards, but one generation is refusing to fuel the post-recession run up on charge cards.


Shocking survey shows 63% of Millennials do...

Sep 14, 20141 Comment5638 Views

(Economic News) For a generation that grew up with credit cards and debit cards, consumers born after 1980 seem to be rejecting them.