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5 surprising tips on how to be successful

Mar 30, 2015No Comments2908 Views

We're all striving to achieve success, and one company founder has five tips that will help us all along the way.

corner bakery cafe

Corner Bakery forbids photography inside th...

Mar 14, 20154 Comments9080 Views

(Social Media) Try pulling out your phone in a Corner Bakery today and you'll get aggressive employees yelling at you to stop. Is this rule good or bad for a brand?

blue abuse

The 7 things you are probably screwing up i...

Jan 18, 2015No Comments3441 Views

(Marketing) Branding is an exact science, and we all have room for improvement, so what does this expert know that you might not? Read on to find out.

apple patent

Apple granted patent for device that is fle...

Jan 12, 20152 Comments3641 Views

(Tech News) Apple has been granted a patent for a device that is flexible, pulling together various patents they've already been granted. Is a bendy phone on the way? Looks like it!


Macy’s cutting 1,300+ jobs, closing 1...

Jan 12, 2015No Comments1040 Views

(Business News) Macy's is restructuring by closing stores and cutting jobs, but the brand isn't in trouble - this plan is relatively standard for large retailers.


5 business needs that will be more expensiv...

Jan 08, 20151 Comment3736 Views

(Business Finance) 2015 is going to be an expensive year for certain types of companies, and for the rest of us, we'll lament the price hike for bacon and bourbon.

starbucks sign

Why Starbucks will no longer be partnered w...

Dec 19, 2014No Comments4042 Views

(Tech News) Starbucks and Square are parting ways, but it doesn't seem to be because of bad blood. Why then, are they breaking up?


6 fresh ways to motivate the Millennials at...

Dec 18, 20141 Comment1025 Views

(Business News) Millennials as a generation are now becoming better understood, and as they enter the workforce and climb the ladder, employers can attract and retain them through keeping them motivated in unique ways.


Kmart’s “inadvertent” can...

Dec 17, 2014No Comments635 Views

(Business News) Kmart ruins Christmas for online shoppers who began paying or already paid off many layaway items, and their apology fails to smooth things over.


5 ways the digital age has impacted recruit...

Dec 16, 2014No Comments2260 Views

(Business) Recruiting has shifted in recent years due to technologies, so what must employers and talent do to evolve?

holiday shopping

This year, consumers will check online revi...

Dec 09, 2014No Comments4192 Views

(Business News) When shoppers hit stores, before they swipe their cards, they'll be looking at online reviews in hoards - brands that want to win better know the facts.

startup ecosystem

Beyond the Bay: comparing other cities̵...

Dec 08, 2014No Comments846 Views

(Tech News) The startup world is often synonymous with San Francisco, but what opportunities exist for startups, investors, and developers outside of the Bay area?