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Mark Eckenrode is a Certified Master of Guerrilla Marketing raised on comic books, punk rock, and Pepsi. He's also the chief marketing trainer at HomeStomper where AgentGenius readers can learn unconventional methods for winning with social media.

Increase Your Persuasive Pulling Power in Y...

Nov 07, 200910 Comments815 Views

Marketing is Persuasive Honestly, how persuasive is your marketing? Are you generating and maintaining the puling power necessary to convert suspects who don’t give a damn about you into raving fans? Marketing is a persuasive process and

Is Social Media a Threat To Your Personal S...

Aug 03, 200929 Comments989 Views

By now you’re familiar with the Horizon Realty debacle and how a single tweet led to the destruction of their reputation. Obviously, what happens on Twitter can have a far reaching impact. Potentially damaging more than reputation,

7 Tips For a More Interesting Real Estate B...

Jul 20, 200929 Comments582 Views

Your content may be the next best thing but, like most folks, if it’s dry and dragging then I won’t get past the first paragraph. We’re all like this to some extent (especially your blog readers)… we

4 Strategies To Beat Your Competition

Jul 13, 20099 Comments347 Views

Oftentimes when I ask a Realtor how they plan on differentiating themselves from their competition and do more business I usually get one of two answers: 1) I'll offer better service, or 2) I'll do it for

Your Real Estate Headlines Revisited

Jul 06, 200911 Comments338 Views

Last week I asked you to submit a few of your blog post headlines for me to look at and see if I could help improve the headlines to attract more eyeballs. Here are your headlines. Let

Escape From Headline Hell With A Free Makeo...

Jun 29, 200915 Comments273 Views

Last article I wrote about hellish headlines and the importance of crafting attractive blog post titles which led to some really good dicussion in the comments of that post. Since then a number of folks have contacted

“War, Genocide, And Other Real Estate...

Jun 15, 200933 Comments440 Views

I had just put down a wonderfully written book that kept me turning the pages due in no small part to the cleverly written chapter titles. Then I opened up my feed reader to catch up on

The Hidden Meaning Behind “Add Value&...

Jun 08, 200912 Comments828 Views

You’ll hear it across all the marketing blogs and in the social media buzz but how often do you really pay attention to it? You’ve probably read about “giving value” to your market about umpteen times. And

Long-Term Success Takes More Than Sales

Jun 01, 200913 Comments269 Views

Guilty Yeah, I’m guilty of this. Along with much of the marketing advice and how-to that’s out there I tend to talk a lot about attracting and converting prospects into clients. Definitely a necessary and critical part

Social Media Marketing and the Mavens That ...

May 25, 200935 Comments382 Views

A warning to social media mavens Warning: If you’re a social media maven or guru then you’re either going to get all pissy about this article or you’re going to wise up and make a difference. Sensibilities

What happens when your media changes?

May 04, 20099 Comments663 Views

Communication is changing. As a species we’re very focused on increasing the speed and breadth of our communications. Pony express, telegraph, snail mail, email, smart phones, blogs, social sites… As media changes one often replaces or re-prioritizes

What a Scottish Singer Can Teach You About ...

Apr 20, 200911 Comments353 Views

With over 93.2 million views (expected to exceed 100 million views Monday) across 650 unique clips means you’ve probably seen or at least heard of the Scottish singer Susan Boyle from Britain’s Got Talent. Her performance is