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Mariana is a real estate agent and co-owner of the Wagner iTeam with her husband, Derek. She maintains the Colorado Springs Real Estate Connection Blog and is also a real estate technology trainer and coach. Mariana really enjoys helping real estate agents boost their businesses and increase their productivity through effective use of technology. Outside of real estate, blogging and training, she loves spending time with her husband and 2 sons, reading, re-watching Sci-Fi movies and ... long walks on the beach?

I Hate Business Expenses, But …

Nov 21, 20089 Comments583 Views

I love cost of sale. Our business is run as lean as possible (to yield the most possible profits…) and one way that we do this is by making MOST of our “business expenses” actually “costs of

Gift Ideas for the Real Estate Agent in You...

Nov 07, 200817 Comments1364 Views

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and I know how hard it is to come up with great ideas for the real estate agents in your life. So, I have developed a list of great gift ideas

New Way to Be Competent in Today’s Re...

Nov 05, 200812 Comments351 Views

More Foreclosure Related Transactions I don’t know about you, but there are a lot more foreclosure-esque real estate transactions (bank owned, FHA/VA Repo, Short Sale …) happening lately… at least in my neck of the woods. It

My Top 5 Favorite Real Estate Ghouls…...

Oct 31, 200816 Comments520 Views

Trick or Treat? I figure before I go and get all hopped up on the Halloween candy that I plan on stealing from my kids tonight, I will share a few “treats” with y’all (<- that one

Top 5 Things I Will Not Be Blogging Bout th...

Oct 16, 200819 Comments374 Views

Why don’t people write blog posts? Some people have writer’s block. Some people are just too busy (yes, even in this market). Some people are lazy. Well, I don’t have writer’s block. I AM quite busy –

Top 10 Ways to Use Blogging in Real Estate ...

Sep 30, 200824 Comments523 Views

Top 10 Ways to Use Blogging in Real Estate #8: Stay Ahead of Your “Peers” Learning Tech Tips I don’t know about YOU, but I have learned more about technological tips and tricks as a blogger than

Why Your Local MLS is Sinking to #2 in Home...

Sep 07, 200829 Comments379 Views

A Study Case Study: Okay, not really and “official” case study, but get this … Derek and I go to take a listing. It is a referral from another one of our sellers. It is a home

Top 10 Ways to Use Blogging in Real Estate ...

Sep 05, 200835 Comments387 Views

Top 10 Ways to Use Blogging in Real Estate #7: Market Your Listings Preface Start: Shut it. I don’t want to hear the nay-sayers that say that real estate bloggers should not blog about their listings. lalalalalalalala.

Top 10 Ways to Use Blogging in Real Estate ...

Aug 22, 200817 Comments361 Views

Create Clients Not Leads One of my favorite things about blogging is that it makes the phone ring. Personally, I am not big on talking on the phone: I am easily distracted and loose focus in the

RE BlogWorld 2008 – The Line Up [JOIN...

Aug 15, 20083 Comments291 Views

I KNOW you do not have anything better to do mid-September. And since you want to SAVE $100, you will need to sign up, like now, because tickets are only $350 right now and that includes access

Storing Great [BLOG] Ideas

Aug 13, 200836 Comments267 Views

Great blog ideas come to me at the strangest times. Most often they come to me when I am NOT near a computer. I learned the hard way that I will NOT remember that great ideas 4

Why Should I Write My Own Blog Posts?

Jul 29, 200868 Comments718 Views

Consider this … A real estate agent (lets’ call her Ronella Isabella Fontaine) hears from a fellow office-mate that blogging is the way of the future and decides to start a blog. So, Ronella starts a real