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Marc Lefton is a creative director and tech entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience. He owns the digital marketing agency Half Fiction based in NYC.

pitch your tech startup

How to pitch your tech startup to ad agenci...

Oct 21, 2013No Comments2467 Views

In order to understand how to pitch your tech startup to ad agencies, you must first understand their priorities and goals, not just assume your tool fixes all that ails them.

long shadow trend

A long shadow on short design trends

Aug 01, 20134 Comments2440 Views

Flat design with a long shadow is all the rage in design circles right now, but let us take a look at history and at whether or not this is just a fad.

coca cola

The ad campaign is dead. Long live the ad c...

Apr 29, 20131 Comment1219 Views

In an era where uncertainty is the only certainty, the state of the ad campaign is in limbo - read on to see if it is dead or revitalized.

experiential marketing

Embrace experiences, not meaningless social...

Apr 08, 20133 Comments995 Views

Brands using social media alone without experiential marketing is like offering consumers icing without any cake. Let us examine the evolution of both and why they must be married to produce actual results.

easy button

Startups, stop doing your marketing the eas...

Mar 01, 20136 Comments1471 Views

Startups endlessly pore over the quality of their product, but traditionally fail to nail their marketing. By comparing how startups and traditional ad agencies go through the marketing process, a happy medium can be found, winning your

social media hack

Hacking your own social media accounts: new...

Feb 20, 20132 Comments1265 Views

In light of recent social media hacks of various enterprise accounts, let us look at the magnificent possibilities for brands willing to hack their own social networking profiles.

print media

How to take advantage of print media while ...

Dec 26, 20125 Comments1318 Views

For many reasons, print media has descended into obscurity, and evolved into digital, but its death is still far off. In the meantime, there are smart ways to use print media to your advantage.

wall revenue model

It’s time to tear down the imaginary ...

Dec 21, 20124 Comments1177 Views

In the tech world, you can boil most revenue models down into two simple concepts: Bridges and Walls. Dissecting the two reveals an interesting trend among some of tech's biggest players.