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What will Congress tackle next that matters...

Apr 13, 2015No Comments3154 Views

Congress returns to session this week, and several issues are on the table that impact the tech world, specifically Austin.

craigslist map features

Crazy employment ad on Craigslist will prob...

Apr 10, 2015No Comments3355 Views

A crazy Craigslist ad is making the rounds, and everyone thinks it's funny. I think someone might be going to jail....

hot pepper pitch

Is the Hot Pepper Pitch the hottest SXSW In...

Mar 16, 2015No Comments2795 Views

At the Hot Pepper Pitch in Austin this weekend, startups shoved spice peppers in their mouths in hopes of winning cash for their companies, and the video proof is priceless.

zillow move

Are Realtors the real loser in the fight be...

Feb 25, 20151 Comment4603 Views

The last year has been one of dramatic and rapid change in the real estate tech sector, but Realtors are vulnerable, and we're worried.

latino tech community meetup sxsw

SXSW Interactive Latino Tech Community Meet...

Feb 11, 20151 Comment2233 Views

SXSW has proven a deep commitment to diversity, especially in the tech sector, which we applaud. Join us as we attend their first ever SXSW Interactive Latino Tech Community Meet Up.

housing data

Are you an aspiring housing nerd or home bu...

Feb 10, 20153 Comments5473 Views

(Editorial) Housing stats are fascinating to many, whether in the market or practicing, or just as a hobby, but most stats are bunk. Here's why and how to spot legitimate data.

bad advice

Bad advice for people hoping to get free pr...

Feb 06, 20152 Comments4270 Views

(Editorial) Journalists are some of the busiest people on the planet - reaching them can be hard, but there's a right and wrong way to do it. Make sure you're not annoying without meaning to be.


SXSW Interactive Black Tech Community Meet ...

Feb 05, 20153 Comments3139 Views

Tonight marks the first ever SXSW Interactive Black Tech Community Meet Up, one of the many ways the massive conference is doing their part to improve diversity in the tech sector - join us in attending.

target store

Should Target be held responsible for emplo...

Jan 27, 2015No Comments1587 Views

(Editorial) After a devastating tragedy, a mother speaks out against Target: should the brand be to blame?

evan carroll

Agent calls for 49,000 cops to die, social ...

Dec 22, 20141 Comment1504 Views

(Social Media) When a Realtor calls for thousands of cops to die, and a screenshot of it is captioned, "your kind of realtor?" the brand is marred and consumers revolt.


Wildcard App: Why we can’t use our ne...

Dec 17, 2014No Comments1334 Views

(Op/Ed) Wildcard is our new favorite app concept, but before downloading it, we were stopped in our tracks and can't move forward. Here's why.

facebook dislike

Is Facebook about to add a DISLIKE button?

Dec 12, 20141 Comment6208 Views

(Social Media) Facebook's founder opens up about the company's position on the long-requested DISLIKE button, because we all hate clicking "LIKE" when someone's dog dies, but hate alerts from commenting.