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move inc.

Move stocks struggle, CFO cashes in stock o...

Apr 07, 20145 Comments2160 Views

(Business News) Move has seen some talent jump ship recently, and their stock isn't exactly skyrocketing. The CFO cashed in stock options today, what does this all mean?


Bloglovin: free RSS reader for the aestheti...

Apr 03, 2014No Comments1836 Views

(Social Media) Bloglovin is marketed as a tool for women and fashionistas, but any manly man or business woman can use it to beautifully boost productivity.

google plus view count

Google+ adds view counts to profiles: how y...

Mar 31, 20143 Comments1599 Views

(Social Media) Google+ has added a tricky little number to all users' profiles - know what it means and how to turn if off if your number sucks.


Could RE/MAX lose their long-held trademark...

Mar 26, 20145 Comments3104 Views

(Business News) RE/MAX has long defended their red-over-white-over-blue trademark, but a judge has agreed to hear an argument that could cancel the trademark altogether.

errol samuelson

12 questions remain for Zillow’s Erro...

Mar 25, 20145 Comments2560 Views

(Business News) Errol Samuelson recently left Move, Inc. for Zillow, and many questions remain about his departure. homes and realtors

HAR to launch a Texas-wide real estate sear...

Mar 25, 20148 Comments1188 Views

(Housing News) HAR is well known for shaking things up in the real estate industry, and now they're asking brokers across the entire state to send them listings for a new state-wide real estate search site.

errol samuelson

Move, NAR sue Zillow and Errol Samuelson an...

Mar 17, 20145 Comments3525 Views

(Business News) Move, Inc. and the National Association of Realtors have filed suit, alleging that Errol Samuelson breached his contract, misappropriated trade secrets, and left Move with no warning, destroying evidence on his way out.

dalia ziada

Solve the gender gap in the tech world: qui...

Mar 11, 20144 Comments2186 Views

(Editorial) The gender gap in the technology world exists, but it is not this ugly chasm that some portray it as, and there is actually a solution that doesn't involve unfair demands and complaining.

yoni levin

Realtor takes to the streets at SXSW to get...

Mar 11, 20142 Comments2410 Views

(Marketing News) Like the old days, a sign and some legs is all one needs to get the word out about their business, and Realtor Yoni Levin did just that this week at SXSW.


Counter-intuitive advice: don’t compa...

Mar 11, 2014No Comments1614 Views

(Business) When you compare yourself to competitors, are you looking in the right direction, or just wasting your time and causing unnecessary stress?


The questionable timing of Errol Samuelson&...

Mar 10, 20149 Comments2986 Views

(Editorial) A key figure at Move, Inc. resigned without notice last week, leaving many wondering how his move to Zillow will have an impact on the real estate industry.

errol samuelson

How does Move win by losing a top realtor.c...

Mar 05, 201411 Comments3565 Views

(Editorial) Move, Inc. has lost two top executives, and most are calling this a win for their competitors, but perhaps this is their chance to get ahead again.