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Ken Brand - Prudential Gary Greene, Realtors. I’ve proudly worn a Realtor tattoo for over 10,957+ days, practicing our craft in San Diego, Austin, Aspen and now, The Woodlands, TX. As a life long learner, I’ve studied, read, written, taught, observed and participated in spectacular face plant failures and giddy inducing triumphs. I invite you to read my blog posts here at Agent Genius and On the lighter side, you can follow my folly on Twitter and Facebook. Of course, you’re always to welcome to take the shortcut and call: 832-797-1779.

Crushing the temptation (2)

Crush self-resistance, struggle less, soar ...

Jun 20, 201118 Comments584 Views

What’s The Biggest Barrier To Our Success? It’s not due to a bad childhood, crappy real estate markets, the-low-bar, your slow-to-grow broker, a grid-locked government or anyone else. It’s US. It’s our own Self-Resistance to success. We’re

Ghaaa. Unsold listing inventory. What nex...

May 31, 201118 Comments392 Views

UnSold Listing Inventory Have you ever heard or thought: “I need help.  My listing is getting shown a lot — but I haven’t had a single offer.  I know it’s priced right!”? “I’ve had this listing way

Realtors, what to say when you have nothing...

May 16, 201130 Comments689 Views

The sounds of silence They say “silence is golden.” When negotiating, after either party has made their proposal, professional negotiators will tell you that the next person that speaks, loses.” It doesn’t matter if you believe in evolution or


How to stop the curse-of-experience from mu...

May 02, 201131 Comments838 Views

What is the Curse-Of-Experience? The skies were tall, blue and sun glasses bright.  Lounging in circled chairs sat 3 supremely smart real estate types, and me. One woman and three dudes.  We were in Austin, sitting in The

Reality checking real estate market conditi...

Apr 11, 201133 Comments428 Views

My perception of reality isn’t always factually accurate. Mostly I’m a positive guy.  But every other day or so, I think and feel like opportunities are scarce and market conditions outside my control make success elusive.  Do you ever

Is it time to bury the past and rise up? I...

Mar 28, 201120 Comments499 Views

It’s 2011.  Not 2010 or 2009.  Viva 2011 What’s your real estate market like this week?  Is it better than it was a year or two ago? Back then we had the difficult task of sharing mostly


Why we need to BE like Kick-Ass iPhone App ...

Feb 28, 201125 Comments862 Views

Passionate people – those iPhone App developers.  After they create and share their magical App with the world, they don’t sit on their asses admiring their handiwork.  Or take vacation. Hell no. Raise Your Hand If You

Why So Many Real Estate Agents Make So Litt...

Feb 21, 201156 Comments1424 Views

Would you call yourself a Leader? Most importantly, do others describe or perceive you as a Leader? Do you think a real estate agent can earn a real income if they aren’t a Leader?  I don’t. Here’s why. .

Is Your Best Good Enough

Was Einstein Wrong About The Definition Of ...

Feb 14, 201116 Comments2084 Views

The Classic Definition Of Insanity Is Wrong Ok, it’s not wrong-wrong, it’s half wrong.   Here’s the classic definition of insanity: The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again, expecting a different result. ~ Albert

Own The Sun

Blogging: A Time Suck or Sweet Sunshine?

Feb 07, 201123 Comments544 Views

Time Suckage Blogging isn’t the Holy Grail, a magical Silver Bullet or a Savior.  For some, it really is a time-suck, a distraction or a poor idea.  For others, it’s like Sunshine for Sweet Success. Sunshine for

Social media tools and the sinking ship/spe...

Jan 23, 201138 Comments1906 Views

I don’t think I’m sinking, but I’m no speed boat… yet. My Facebook Biz Page Tribe is tiny, but the size of my Twitter Tribe is healthy. Per common sense and best-practices practice, I would like to

How To Vibe-Right in Real Life and in Real ...

Jan 10, 201126 Comments549 Views

Real Life Is About People and Relationships. A single guy spies a single girl standing over there – inspecting exotic horderves.  Sensing his gaze, Tammy turns his way.  Smiles.  Then touches her red hair. Bill smiles back, takes