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Feb 18, 20082 Comments245 Views

She was a lurker. She watched, she read, she lurked – for weeks. She ordered the Market Details Report and then she called – we were all out of town, but we responded within hours. She was

Computer Genius Flunks Common Sense Test

Feb 01, 20083 Comments378 Views

  I’m no genius, as you know, but even so, I’m still somewhat smarter than a tree stump – I think. I ran across a guy today at a networking event that bills himself as an IT

2.4 = 3.0

Jan 29, 20081 Comment243 Views

This isn’t Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and I’m no genius, but I run into this type of illogical logic everyday in real estate. In fact, I think it may be more prevalent in real estate than anywhere

“The Governor Is On The Line”

Jan 29, 2008No Comments258 Views

How would you like a call like that? Well that’s almost what’s happening with my friend Jim Walberg of Caribbean Islands Realty.I’ve been coaching Jim on blogging and Internet marketing for the past five months and he

Real Estate 1.0

Jan 27, 200829 Comments1447 Views

…is Kicking 2.0’s Butt Real estate 1.0 seems to be kicking real estate 2.0’s butt these days in California’s East Bay area. Keller Williams Realty in Danville, CA (the office I work out of) has about 200

Neighborhood Expert Lost the 7% Commission

Jan 19, 20084 Comments276 Views

Here’s a story about the Neighborhood Expert that had a 7% commission listing and lost it despite all his expertise. Before I became a real estate agent, I actually used the services of Realtors many times. At

11 to 11 Million in LESS than a Decade

Jan 14, 20081 Comment250 Views

Last summer, I signed up for a free day with Mike Ferry. I had received a phone call from one of his telmarketers alerting me to the event. I like FREE. I’m sure it was one of

Konnects is Ill Will Hunting and Bagging Bi...

Jan 14, 20081 Comment222 Views

Konnects – a new self-proclaimed business network. I received an invitation to join from someone I don’t really know, but what the hay – I try to keep informed. After touring the Konnects site, I wrote this

Man to Man

Jan 13, 20082 Comments291 Views

If you’re not familiar with the Internet Archive, you might want to check it out. Everything stored there can be used under the Creative Commons license. You can store your material there FREE forever as long as

Google Calendar Your Groups

Jan 12, 2008No Comments257 Views

If you’re not familiar with Duct Tape Marketing – consider a familiarization tour. Here’s an example of what marketing genius John Jantsch has to offer – Think of how you can use this to brand yourself with

Do Eating Disorders Trump Foreclosures

Jan 12, 20082 Comments207 Views

Recently, I got yanked out of my real estate focused world with an email alerting me to the fact that my 12–year old god-daughter is struggling with anorexia. It is serious enough that she is in a

Orphans May Need Your Help

Jan 10, 20082 Comments245 Views

There’s been a lot of shake, rattle and roll in the real estate industry of late. We had months and months of bubble talk, followed by meltdown mania and of late it’s been mostly repo man. But