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Jennifer Walpole is a Senior Staff Writer at AG and holds a Master's degree in English from the University of Oklahoma. She is a science fiction fanatic and enjoys writing way more than she should. She dreams of being a screenwriter and seeing her work on the big screen in Hollywood one day.

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Is Twitter bullying the competition?

Apr 14, 2015No Comments1478 Views

Twitter believes live streaming will be the next best thing and it's become clear that they do not want to share the fun with any other platform.


QuickBooks releases a program aimed at self...

Apr 13, 2015No Comments2557 Views

QuickBooks has become a popular tax tracking platform with businesses and individuals alike. Now, they have a program just for self-employed individuals.


Sprint to offer brand new service: a little...

Apr 13, 2015No Comments2586 Views

Sprint is changing the way customers buy or upgrade their mobile devices by introducing a new program called Sprint Direct 2 You.


Sears set to make $114 million from Simon d...

Apr 13, 2015No Comments693 Views

Sears Holding Corp. has agreed to a joint real estate venture with Simon Property Group Inc., that will generate an estimated $114 million.


The next big thing? What the heck is this P...

Apr 13, 20151 Comment1160 Views

Periscope is emerging as the clear favorite new app, but what exactly is it and why you really need to know more about it.


SalesMaple is a hot new sales tool on mega ...

Apr 12, 2015No Comments2442 Views

SalesMaple is a sales reporting, analysis, and dynamic prediction platform that provides intelligent sales pipeline management and forecasting.


With IID, business cards just got a hell of...

Apr 12, 2015No Comments1213 Views

Business cards just got a lot smarter, more digital-friendly, and a little bit more fun with a new app that allows you to select which details you share.


Dropbox gets a little more magical with Off...

Apr 12, 2015No Comments1649 Views

Dropbox has introduced a series of integrations making it infinitely more useful and the latest integration is no exception.


Verizon is tracking users, big time: The FC...

Apr 12, 20151 Comment1620 Views

Wireless companies have used tracking cookies to target advertising to you for quite some time, but Verizon has gone above and beyond with supercookies.

amazon dash button

Amazon Dash buttons: Height of laziness, or...

Apr 12, 2015No Comments1931 Views

While the Amazon Dash button has certainly become an interesting novelty, it speaks more about our instant gratification culture than anything else.

email marketing

Get insight about potential clients from on...

Apr 08, 2015No Comments1794 Views

A new program allows you to gain demographic insight about your clients from only their email addresses, then helps you market yourself better.

turn off facebook graph search

Wow: Over 50% of Facebookers engage multipl...

Apr 06, 2015No Comments3356 Views

Facebook has become the most popular social media platform according to a new report with more than 50% of its users engaging multiple times a day.