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Jennifer Walpole is a staff writer for AGBeat and holds a Master's degree in English from the University of Oklahoma. She is a science fiction fanatic and enjoys writing way more than she should. She dreams of being a screenwriter and seeing her work on the big screen in Hollywood one day.


Sprint cancels “Framily” plans because ...

Sep 18, 2014No Comments2042 Views

(Tech News) Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure, says hamsters are out and more data is in, but data speed is still not up to par.


Why you should consider hiring introverts

Sep 09, 2014No Comments3776 Views

(Business News) Overlooking someone who doesn't shine as brightly in an interview, could mean losing out on awesome talent.

unhappy employees

Are your employees unhappy? 5 signs there m...

Sep 05, 2014No Comments3015 Views

(Business News) Worried your employees are unhappy? Here are five ways to tell that discord may be among your ranks.


Find out which coding bootcamp is right for...

Sep 03, 2014No Comments1753 Views

(Tech News) With an ever-growing shortage of tech-minded individuals, more and more people are considered changing careers and focusing on tech.

immediately app

Immediately: a sales productivity app on st...

Sep 03, 2014No Comments1900 Views

(Tech News) Immediately is a new app that allows you to stay in contact, follow leads, and close deals from anywhere, any time.


Top 25 companies for culture and values, ac...

Sep 03, 2014No Comments1845 Views

(Business News) Glassdoor recently ranked the top 25 companies for culture and values, which leads us to believe a good job is more than just a paycheck.


How bacon can teach you to write better

Aug 28, 2014No Comments2595 Views

(Business Marketing) Let this cute punctuation pig guide you through the most common uses of punctuation marks, complete with bacon-themed examples.

apple patent

Apple receives patent for flexible displays

Aug 28, 20141 Comment2470 Views

(Tech News) Apple was granted a patent that will allow them to incorporate flexible displays into future product releases.


Linkredirector: URL shortener, send people ...

Aug 26, 2014No Comments3565 Views

(Tech News) Linkredirector is a cloud-service offering a way to link information across multiple platforms.

square analytics

Square launches kick ass new analytics tool

Aug 24, 2014No Comments595 Views

(Business Finance) Square launches a new analytics tool to give businesses additional insight into their customers, products, and finances.

windows 9

When will you be able to sneak a peek at Wi...

Aug 24, 20142 Comments4046 Views

(Tech News) Microsoft to unveil its new Windows OS as soon as September with a new look and possible free features.

instagram ikea

IKEA makes the world’s first website ...

Aug 22, 20141 Comment4470 Views

(Business Marketing) IKEA has taken the Instagram feed and completely "hacked" it into something different and awesome: a catalog-esque website to showcase their latest goods.