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Greg is the principal owner of Fischer Real Estate Services, a Fort Worth firm specializing in customer value and community enrichment. He's also an MBA at TCU, and a proud member of the Naval Reserves. In his spare time - he sleeps.

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What real estate consumers simply don’...

Jun 07, 2013No Comments1623 Views

While real estate consumers understand how to research homes, what happens after that point remains a mystery, through no fault of their own, but very much to their own detriment.

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Real estate technologies’ messaging m...

Feb 12, 201310 Comments1423 Views

By examining the messaging put forth by two real estate technology companies, it is easy to see how they have lost focus as they've gotten bigger.

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Unzillowable: why technology still can̵...

Dec 07, 201235 Comments3247 Views

Years ago, the term "unzillowable" was coined, and many startups and algorithms have launched since then,but have yet to supplant real estate professionals.


Open letter: chastising the laziness of the...

Nov 14, 201216 Comments1473 Views

When you take a hard look at the individuals practicing real estate, it becomes quickly evident who the "A" students are, versus those whose work simply doesn't deserve to be on mom's fridge.


Life in the sidebar: how many people are mi...

Oct 31, 201221 Comments1960 Views

Running a business like a boss isn't easy, but it may be your only choice - unless you care less about being an authority and more about your face appearing in peoples' sidebars.