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Genevieve Concannon is one of those multifaceted individuals who brings business savvy, creativity and conscientiousness to the table in real estate and social media.  Genevieve takes marketing and sustainability in a fresh direction- cultivating some fun and funky grass roots branding and marketing strategies that set her and Arbour Realtyapart from the masses. Always herself and ready to help others understand sustainability in building a home or a business, Genevieve brings a new way to look at marketing yourself in the world of real estate and green building- because she's lived it and breathed it and played in the sand piles with the big-boys.  If you weren't aware, Genevieve is a sustainability nerd, a ghost writer and the event hostess with the mostess in NoVa. 


Regenerating architecture: green building p...

Jan 09, 20144 Comments2700 Views

(Green News) Sustainable design has evolved beyond robotics, and has tapped into the basics, using pre-historic methods: bacteria. Genius!

starter kit

Starter Kit for tech savvy agents: 2014 edi...

Dec 15, 20135 Comments7905 Views

(Business News) Tech savvy agents aren't born, they're made through endless fine tuning. Are you up to date on how to use technology in your own practice?


Superadobe: super sustainable building phen...

Aug 27, 20131 Comment5332 Views

Taking something that already had the power to be awesome and making it, well, super-powered, that is what one bright-eyed architect did with an age-old building concept. Let's take a mini-adventure into the world of Superadobe, where

prefabricated housing

Why prefabricated housing is trending acros...

Jul 22, 2013No Comments1919 Views

Prefabricated housing has been around for years but is increasing in popularity - let's take a look at what is happening in select cities across the nation and where the trend is headed.


Realtors can build better client relationsh...

Jun 24, 2013No Comments3853 Views has rolled out new Realtor member benefits, and I'm in love because it's consumer-oriented and aims to improve the client relationship.


Psychodesigning: why every house makes you ...

May 29, 2013No Comments1568 Views

Psychodesigning is all about designing a home for your psyche - it's why your home makes you feel as it does.

sustainable construction

GreenSpur: sustainable construction, reclai...

May 20, 2013No Comments3723 Views

GreenSpur Unveils their first OneNest Project home built in Virginia, a sustainable construction project that could be duplicated across the world.

young executives

How to know your worth and command what you...

Apr 08, 20131 Comment1833 Views

It is not uncommon for people to ask for professional services to be discounted, but do you cave to close a deal, or do you know how and why to consistently command what you are worth, even

lbgt couple

Solutions to breaking the cycle of LGBT hom...

Feb 21, 2013No Comments1970 Views

Social issues are not the only ones faced by the LGBT community, but two housing communities have opened to address the specific needs of being kicked out of families and communities.

recycling toilets

Recycling toilet porcelain: streets, landsc...

Feb 05, 20133 Comments4054 Views

Recycling and up-cycling is common practice; even toilets are jumping into the game, and you might be surprised where your beloved porcelain god can end up.

micro units in nyc

Micro-units no longer just in Asia, now com...

Jan 30, 2013No Comments3377 Views

Micro-Living: Mayor Bloomberg put out a call to architects for creative, responsible ideas that would put a city block in New York City's 335 East 27th Street in Manhattan to its highest and best use and give

nest thermostat

Nest thermostat inspires late night geek te...

Jan 22, 20131 Comment3457 Views

The Nest Thermostat is finally going mainstream, and is becoming so popular that friends are actually texting each other about it late at night, it's that inspiring.