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Destiny Bennett is a journalist who has earned double communications' degrees in Journalism and Public Relations, as well as a certification in Business from The University of Texas at Austin. She has written stories for AustinWoman Magazine as well as various University of Texas publications and enjoys the art of telling a story. Her interests include finance, technology, social media...and watching HGTV religiously.


Y Combinator change could impact how other ...

Dec 09, 2013No Comments3047 Views

Y Combinator funds early stage startups and accelerates the brand, often regarded as a leader in the field, their new finance tool is the focus of the startup world.


Get to know the cryptocurrency boom –...

Dec 02, 20131 Comment3787 Views

Bitcoin isn't the only cryptocurrency on the block, with various alternatives hitting the market, making it increasingly relevant for all businesses.

starbucks sign

Starbucks’ twist on Black Friday and...

Nov 27, 20131 Comment2495 Views

Can the food and beverage industry participate in Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals usually reserved for retailers? Starbucks thinks so.

office depot office max

Office Depot and OfficeMax merger appearing...

Oct 22, 2013No Comments1892 Views

After months of talks between Office Depot and OfficeMax amidst rumors that the FTC may not approve the merger, it appears the two may finally tie the knot.

canadian flag

Why Canada’s housing market didn̵...

Oct 10, 20132 Comments4619 Views

Given the similarities in our systems, what were the differences between Canada and America that allowed one to crash and one to remain stable?


Bitcoin’s biggest black market shuts ...

Oct 03, 20131 Comment1418 Views

Bitcoin is a digital currency with the dark underbelly that comes with any unregulated corner of the world, fully exposed this week with a major arrest and a shut down of the currency's largest black market.


Walgreens switches employees to private hea...

Sep 23, 20133 Comments1513 Views

As big brands make big decisions regarding how their workers will receive health insurance, smaller brands are looking at their own options in response.


Bitcoin installing ATMs in five Canadian ci...

Sep 16, 20132 Comments3600 Views

Bitcoin has been widely contentious, yet still widely adopted, now going from virtual to tangible on the streets, a major move for the digital currency.


Dow 30 drops Bank of America, HP, Alcoa fro...

Sep 13, 2013No Comments2883 Views

This week, the Dow 30 made some big changes, swapping out three giant brands for three others, which presents good news for investors overall.

startupx accelerator program

Will Stanford’s accelerator program b...

Sep 11, 2013No Comments1209 Views

As Stanford's accelerator program gets off the ground, we ponder whether universities incubating startups born on their campus could become a trend.


WePay: accept credit cards online or via iP...

Sep 08, 20133 Comments1645 Views

In the world of digital payment systems, WePay has some strategic advantages against their competitors.


BitMonet launch improves relevancy of Bitco...

Sep 05, 20131 Comment1284 Views

BitMonet was designed to solve a pain point for content producers while affirming the relevancy of the Bitcoin currency, yet another case of the digital currency becoming more mainstream.