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David Holmes, owner of Intrepid Solutions, has over 20 years experience planning for, avoiding, and solving crises in the public policy, political, and private sectors. David is also a professional mediator and has worked in the Texas music scene.

nuclear option

Reid’s use of the nuclear option is u...

Nov 23, 20131 Comment1188 Views

Although an argument can be made that filibustering has been abused, implementing the nuclear option is a bad move in the long run.


Brand lessons from the @NatSecWonk Twitter ...

Oct 24, 2013No Comments237 Views

There is only so much you can do to prepare for stupid, as the recent dismantling of the @NatSecWonk account proves, but there are steps you can take as a company to safeguard the brand.

biomarin ceo

BioMarin CEO calls terminal cancer patient ...

Sep 24, 201317 Comments1697 Views

BioMarin pharmaceutical continues to astonish, not by their move to refuse a dying cancer patient life-saving treatment, despite the FDA's direct approval to do so, but by their CEO writing aggressive emails laced with insults and condescension.


BioMarin reveals crisis strategy in callous...

Sep 16, 20138 Comments1016 Views

BioMarin continues to be at the center of a crisis management nightmare as they deny a cancer patient a life-saving drug, but their strategy was unveiled as the CEO accidentally hit "reply-all" on an email, including the

biomarin refusing care

PR crisis in the making at BioMarin Pharmac...

Sep 10, 20137 Comments878 Views

Ethics is a principle at the core of crisis management planning for businesses. Of course, there are ethical considerations once a crisis is underway while making such decisions as, "How much proprietary information should we reveal


Airlines sucking at social media, despite i...

Sep 05, 2013No Comments280 Views

Years ago, failing to understand the implications of social media was common, but there is no excuse today for a major airline to screw up so royally in public. This is a teachable moment for all sizes


How an innocent tweet can blow up in your f...

Aug 19, 20131 Comment254 Views

Can one tweet thanking someone for their support really hurt your name or your brand? Let us take a look at a single tweet made this weekend by a politician as one example.


AOL CEO publicly fires staffer for photogra...

Aug 16, 20132 Comments207 Views

After the CEO of AOL fires a staffer for whipping out his camera, he apologizes but the offender is still fired. Because of how it was handled, the leader is taking a bit of heat.

jars of poo

What businesses can learn from politicians ...

Aug 07, 2013No Comments320 Views

After a massive protest at the Texas capitol, public officials are making claims they may or may not be able to back up, teaching all businesses an important lesson.


Food truck employee fired for rage tweeting...

Aug 01, 20131 Comment264 Views

After a large food truck order resulted in a $0 tip, the worker took to the internet to call out the company that failed to tip and has been fired as a result. You can learn from

golden corral

Anatomy of Golden Corral’s poor respo...

Jul 09, 20131 Comment551 Views

Golden Corral has recently been the victim of a misleading viral video about them, but their response has been lacking at best, missing a valuable branding opportunity.

dispute resolution shaking hands

Dispute resolution in the workplace on a ti...

Jun 25, 20131 Comment283 Views

Most small businesses don't practice dispute resolution, rather let staff go. Without having to hire a full time employee to oversee disputes, there are ways to retain staff on a budget.