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windows 8.1

Microsoft releases preview of Windows 8.1

Jun 26, 20132 Comments845 Views

Microsoft has announced a preview of Windows 8.1 for Windows 8 users, with a list of improvements. Experienced computer users need not apply, just download it free.

gift cards

The dual edged sword of your business offer...

Jun 25, 2013No Comments914 Views

Gift cards are the go-to gift for shoppers but how can businesses really capitalize on their appeal to make it a win-win for all?


New IBM ads say it’s time for smarter...

Jun 25, 2013No Comments1225 Views

Would you like your city to be smarter? How would you solve some of the problems your community faces? IBM wants you to share your ideas with the People4SmarterCities initiative.

achieving inbox zero

Gmail vs. Mailstrom: the battle to reach In...

Jun 15, 2013No Comments1971 Views

While early versions of email have been around since the 1960’s and 1970’s, email didn’t become mainstream and accessible until about 1993. 20 years later, email is a daily form of communication we’re still learning to organize.


Startwire accelerates, streamlines recruiti...

Jun 14, 20131 Comment1353 Views

Today’s job marketplace can be a daunting and frustrating experience for new and seasoned job seekers but what about employers? New job site, Startwire, seeks to change job searches for the better for both job hunters and

sign painting

Sign painting: invisible art in a digital w...

Jun 11, 2013No Comments1305 Views

In the digital era, film makers Sam Macon and Faythe Levine are seeking to bring to light a recent renaissance for sign painting.

search google

How to search Google like a boss: cheat she...

Jun 07, 20132 Comments1235 Views

Knowing how to search Google isn't just helpful for your own searches, but can help you to better understand and utilize search engine optimization strategies.

virgin america

Virgin America launches seat to seat chat: ...

May 29, 2013No Comments3025 Views

Too shy to strike up a conversation on a plane? In their latest marketing stunt, Virgin America offers an in-flight solution that some will call creepy, others will call useful.

mailbox app

Popular Mailbox app: revolutionary or overl...

May 29, 20131 Comment1225 Views

The young Mailbox app has set out to change the way we interact with email. Does it succeed or fall flat?


eTextbooks let profs see student progress: ...

May 28, 2013No Comments701 Views

In higher education, it’s common for students to be monitored, but is online eTextbook provider CourseSmart® taking it too far?


Postable: greeting cards are going high tec...

May 28, 2013No Comments974 Views

Greeting cards are going high tech and Postable is positioned to be a popular service, as it is low cost and also serves as a streamlined address book for your personal or business use.


Magnetique: see outfits in magazines, find ...

May 27, 2013No Comments583 Views

Magnetique is a new mobile app which brings the latest fashions to your fingertips but with some limitations.