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Brian Block practiced law until he heard every single attorney joke and decided becoming a real estate broker was a more fun way to earn a living. Proud of the plaques and diplomas adorning his office wall, he's even more proud of his marriage to a beautiful and talented ballroom dance teacher and fellow entrepreneur. Every day, you can find Brian, doing what he does best – advising Northern Virginia home buyers and sellers. If you want, you can follow him on Twitter @blockrealestate.

Would You Hire YOU? (Part One)

Apr 03, 20099 Comments391 Views

Joining the Company During my second week as a managing broker, I’ve been learning a great deal about recruiting and hiring agents to be a part of our brokerage.  While our company has several full-time experienced recruiters,

What Are Managing Brokers Actually Managing...

Mar 23, 200922 Comments5986 Views

A New Manager Today’s my first day as the new Managing Broker of one of our brokerage offices. For 6 years, I’ve been a real estate agent. A year ago, I got my broker’s license. Since New

Turn it Off and Change Your Life

Feb 26, 200912 Comments765 Views

SHOCK! I was in complete shock. The numbers were so startling that I had to repeat them out loud and read it again to make sure my eyes weren’t playing a trick on me. They weren’t. There

Hello! Hello? Hello@#$!! Hello :)

Feb 17, 200926 Comments319 Views

Hello! Are you happy that they called? You’d better let them know before they call someone else! Your phone is often your first connection with a potential home purchaser or seller. I know some agents who will

That Don’t Impress Me Much!

Feb 10, 200913 Comments378 Views

“I’ve known a few guys who thought they were pretty smart But you’ve got being right down to an art You think you’re a genius-you drive me up the wall You’re a regular original, a know-it-all Oh-oo-oh,

Leaving on a Jet Plane? A Vacation Lesson f...

Jan 30, 200919 Comments588 Views

Please welcome Agent Genius’ newest contributor Brian Block (you’ll love his bio at the end of this article). He’s a Realtor hailing from northern Virginia, he’s an attorney and can kick ass with his Krav Maga skills,