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As AG's Founder, Director & Publisher: I've dedicated the past two decades to focusing small, medium and large businesses on consumerism, consumer needs, trends, and what consumers find valuable within the user experience. I founded AG in hopes of furthering your business growth. I hope you enjoy AG, and that you will reach out if I can help your company or association communicate it's value.

big ass social happy hour

The Big Ass Social Happy Hour is Tonight in...

Mar 12, 2015No Comments23327 Views

Tonight is the gigantic, huge Big Ass Social Happy Hour where thousands will descend upon Austin and have a beer together, kumbaya style. We're sponsoring and hosting this event for the SEVENTH year in a row, just

phone customer service

It’s a who needs who business climate...

May 14, 2014No Comments2418 Views

A growing "they need us" culture is spreading in the customer service industry, and the disparate attitudes between the corporate office and boots on the ground is growing.


AG shutters Agent/Genius

Apr 07, 201420 Comments7646 Views

Agent/Genius holds a lot of history Fully 9,000 articles still live here on this site, along with hundreds of thousands of comments, and so much meaning in every single one of them. We have accomplished so much


500M reasons to hate Facebook, but I really...

Feb 12, 20142 Comments3509 Views

(Social Media) Facebook is a target of love and hate, but there is one problem Facebook introduces into the web ecosystem that hurts a free exchange of ideas.

human resources

How your HR department is destroying your b...

Feb 12, 20145 Comments6011 Views

(Business News) Your HR department is on the front lines, but many in the department are hurting your brand - here's how it is happening right in front of you, and how to fix it.


Dems’ healthcare act, the motherload ...

Oct 09, 20131 Comment1248 Views

The spin on healthcare act, the debt ceiling and the debt - where's the off ramp for either party or for the American public at large, and who holds the cards?

katy perry

Katy Perry: finally, an Obamacare expert wh...

Aug 26, 20133 Comments1392 Views

As White House officials meet with celebrities willing to endorse Obamacare, we wonder if these individuals telling people to sign up are fully aware of the bill's details.

microsoft steve ballmer

What Microsoft’s outgoing CEO must do...

Aug 26, 20132 Comments1012 Views

Microsoft has had a bumpy road of late, but their outgoing CEO has time to get things on the right path before his final day.

Tea Party

Tea Party: a thorn in the side of Americans...

Aug 09, 20132 Comments1019 Views

The Tea Party is up in arms over defunding Obamacare, and few solutions are on the table. Republicans are accused of failing on alternative legislation.

zimmerman mugshot

Zimmerman verdict, your neighborhood watch ...

Jul 12, 20131 Comment1249 Views

Is your neighborhood watch program on trial with George Zimmerman, and hinging on the verdict? Maybe.


So worried about tomorrow, you forget about...

May 07, 2013No Comments1822 Views

The business climate is different in a post-recession era, and people are looking left and right in order to find the way forward, but I'm betting the future will look a lot like the past.

Jimmy Johns Freaky Fast Delivery

Jimmy John’s: the freaky deaf franchi...

May 06, 2013No Comments6367 Views

Jimmy Johns Franchise real estate team are freaky def, does a good sandwich outweigh a company's unmotivated growth pattern?