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skillary presentation tool

Skillary: new presentation tool is easy and...

Apr 18, 2014No Comments1534 Views

(Business Marketing) Skillary is a new presentation tool that does the hard work for you, offering modernized templates and quick setup. Genius!


T-Mobile nixes overage fees, challenges com...

Apr 16, 2014No Comments1390 Views

(Business News) T-Mobile's CEO has written a scathing challenge against competitors, urging them to curb their greed and follow his lead by abolishing overage fees.

transwestern briefing

Jobs, housing numbers raise fears that the ...

Apr 16, 20141 Comment1203 Views

(Economic News) There are mixed reports on the health of the economy, but a new Transwestern briefing pulls together some of the pieces into a broader look at the national economy.


Invi makes texting a hundred times better, ...

Apr 14, 2014No Comments1606 Views

(Tech News) Invi is a text messaging app for Android and soon, iOS that makes texting more beautiful and media-rich. It could end up being a successful hybrid of several existing concepts.

social media gods

Which social media god or goddess are you?

Apr 14, 20141 Comment1548 Views

(Social Media) While these deities are sent to Earth to mock our culture's social media use, the truth is that we all fall somewhere on the spectrum (even if we don't want to)...

google now

Google Now’s rumored smart reminders ...

Apr 13, 2014No Comments2690 Views

(Tech News) Google Now could have some amazing updates soon, which could put it ahead of its competitors.

call red

CallRed: short cut in line for customer ser...

Apr 11, 2014No Comments2642 Views

(Tech News) CallRed has launched to help you connect to the people inside of a company that actually have the power to address your customer service needs.

invented internet

Do you know who really invented the interne...

Apr 10, 2014No Comments2802 Views

(Tech News) There is a lot of misinformation floating around about the person that invented the internet because guess what? It wasn't A person.

google glass livestream

Live broadcast with Livestream’s new ...

Apr 07, 20141 Comment1389 Views

(Social Media) Google Glass users will now be able to live broadcast with Livestream, so businesses better know what people can do with Glass in their stores, and how owners can use it themselves to broadcast.


“If Google was a guy” parody vi...

Apr 05, 2014No Comments3459 Views

(Tech News) "If Google was a guy" video imagines what it would be like if Google was a real person you had to submit your inquiries to.

honey maid

Honey Maid responds to haters of their ad f...

Apr 04, 20142 Comments4002 Views

(Business Marketing) Honey Maid ran a television ad recently that generated a lot of hatred on social networks, but they've creatively responded in a way others will likely follow.


What Tesla drivers’ in-car browsing t...

Apr 03, 2014No Comments1982 Views

(Tech News) Tesla's dashboard is a giant touchscreen control panel, offering a browser for drivers - what does their use tell us about the future of technology?