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adobe flash

Google warns mobile users of Flash-heavy si...

Jul 15, 2014No Comments3512 Views

(Tech News) Google could be pushing traffic away from outdated sites - make sure yours isn't one of them. Here's what you'll need to do right away.


Create kick ass screencasts with Bandicam

Jul 13, 20142 Comments2349 Views

(Tech News) Bandicam lets you produce amazing screencasts with minimal effort and without slowing down your computer.


Finally a crowdfunding platform for open so...

Jul 13, 2014No Comments2283 Views

Crowdfunding for open source software developers allowing you to offer a "bounty" and get what you need from developers, when you need it via Bountysource.


Ranking the reliability of coupons in a cou...

Jul 10, 2014No Comments2970 Views

(Business News) Coupons have become so readily available, that a new index has been offered to rank retailers' coupons, their reliability, and their use.


HiringSolved offers a better way to find jo...

Jul 10, 2014No Comments1453 Views

(Tech News) HiringSolved offers a more complete overview of candidates, including aggregated social media interactions so you can find what you need when you need it.


Contribution Explorer simplifies, visualize...

Jul 07, 2014No Comments2306 Views

(Tech News) Contribution Explorer aggregates data from OpenSecret giving you an easily accessible overview of contribution information regarding your candidates.

affordable marketing tools

16 affordable marketing tools to use right ...

Jul 03, 20142 Comments6940 Views

(Business Marketing) Marketing tools can cost an arm and a leg, but spend some time in the next few days exploring some of these tools for expanding your brand without breaking the bank.

practice perfect

Study proves that the 10,000 hour rule is a...

Jul 03, 2014No Comments2807 Views

(Business News) We've all heard the 10,000 hour rule and have worked our tails off to become experts in our field, but a new study says practice only accounts for 12% of performance. Uh oh.

qwertywriter keyboard

Qwertywriter: Drool-worthy vintage USB type...

Jul 03, 2014No Comments3357 Views

(Tech News) If you're a nostalgic type but can't revert to pre-iPad technologies, one inventor has the perfect answer: the new Qwertywriter keyboard.


Meet the Moto 360, the smartwatch diva of t...

Jun 30, 2014No Comments1818 Views

(Tech News) Motorola's Moto 360 smartwatch is powered by Android Wear and you can now take a sneak peek.

digital trends

Apps now account for half of all mobile use

Jun 28, 20141 Comment3260 Views

(Tech News) With apps taking up more of our time, what does that mean for your brand? It's time to reconsider where you're investing your ad dollars and time.


Yanado turns Gmail into tasks and reminders...

Jun 25, 20141 Comment2529 Views

(Tech News) Yanado transforms Gmail into an organized one-click task management system to help you find what you need, when you need it.