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bpg graphic

BPG: brand new image format is half the siz...

Dec 16, 2014No Comments1270 Views

(Tech News) BPG is the newest image format to be invented, and with higher quality and smaller size than a JPEG, it stands to make a huge impact.

holiday shopping

5 holiday business tips you might not have ...

Dec 15, 20141 Comment1834 Views

(Business) Business tips abound during this holiday season, but there are some things you could be doing that you might have missed in preparation for this holiday season.

new year resolution

3 new year’s resolutions to grow your...

Dec 15, 2014No Comments1540 Views

(Business) It's that time of year again, where we look at our past to propel our future - and businesses are hoping for a more profitable 2015. Here are three tips to set you on your way.

facebook problem

Facebook flub: missing third option for pol...

Dec 11, 2014No Comments2167 Views

Facebook made some changes recently, but their execution fell short, leaving some users in the dark - are you doing the same? Probably.

ups campaign

UPS grants toddler’s wish to be a UPS...

Dec 08, 2014No Comments2219 Views

(Marketing) UPS' #WishesDelivered campaign donates a dollar to charity for every wish shared with them, and then goes out and grants some of those wishes, just as they have here with adorable little Carson.

zillow logo

Zillow the target of yet another lawsuit by...

Dec 07, 2014No Comments2127 Views

(Business News) Mark Geragos' law firm has filed yet another lawsuit against Zillow, alleging more problems at their sales offices in California.


Zillow faces harsh accusations of a culture...

Dec 03, 2014No Comments2857 Views

(Business News) A former Zillow employee alleges a widespread culture problem at Zillow and is suing for sexual harassment targeted at her. The lawsuit is expected to expand.

spending money at target

Thanksgiving weekend in-store sales numbers...

Dec 01, 2014No Comments3058 Views

(Business News) Black Friday sales and Thanksgiving weekend shoppers didn't spend nearly as much this year as last, so what does this mean for the coming shopping season?


The 3 key ingredients to a successful crowd...

Nov 24, 2014No Comments4054 Views

(Business Finance) Crowdfunding has become an extremely competitive way to secure business funding, so how do you stand out and meet your goals?

transparent banking

Nordic bank nails it with humorous ad about...

Nov 23, 2014No Comments4377 Views

(Business Marketing) Transparency tends to be an overused buzzword in corporate America, but one ad campaign delivers on the promise to be transparent.

frustration of small businesses

The top 3 sales blunders all boil down to t...

Nov 21, 2014No Comments5007 Views

(Business) Sales blunders are common, and can hold any business back - know the most common errors in today's world and what they have in common.

young executives

6 traits embodied by successful female entr...

Nov 21, 20141 Comment2411 Views

(Entrepreneurs) Entrepreneurs can tell you that leadership traits vary from person to person, but six traits are repeatedly seen in the most successful women entrepreneurs.