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ux big data

How UX design can help make sense of Big Da...

Oct 20, 20142 Comments196 Views

(Tech News) UX design is not always understood for the full potential it offers, and the industry's approach to Big Data my untangle that ball of yarn.


Will Fitbit rashes lead to warning labels o...

Oct 20, 2014No Comments204 Views

(Tech News) Fitbit catches a break and won't be recalled, but may inadvertently pave the way for warning labels on wearable technologies

whole foods

Whole Foods’ new produce ethics ranki...

Oct 16, 2014No Comments2851 Views

(Business News) Whole Foods will be ranking foods for responsibility, which could trickle down to your industry.


The science behind how brains process logos

Oct 15, 2014No Comments3388 Views

(Business Marketing) Logos are processed by the brain in less than half of a second, and it is your brand's first impression - get to know more about the science behind this process.


Why startups must pivot, and how to avoid p...

Oct 14, 2014No Comments3520 Views

(Entrepreneur News) Pivoting is part of startup life, whether major or minor, but some companies go too far with it - how avoid going too far with your own brand.


3 ways entrepreneurs can leverage academic ...

Oct 14, 2014No Comments1054 Views

(Business) Academic connections aren't just alumni group tailgating events, no, there are other ways you can grow your business with your network.

retail moms

How Moms will influence retail in 2015

Oct 13, 2014No Comments1219 Views

(Business Marketing) Whether you're a large or small retail operation, knowing how moms make purchasing decisions can make a tremendous impact on your bottom line.


Poachable keeps job seekers’ identity...

Oct 12, 2014No Comments1976 Views

(Tech News) Poachable has launched to match job seekers anonymously with employers so the employed can search with less risk.


Luxy is yet another social network for the ...

Oct 12, 2014No Comments1808 Views

(Social Media) Luxy has launched to match affluent daters, but why are the rich separating themselves online and will this trend catch on?

young executives

10 jobs on the brink of extinction, even so...

Oct 12, 2014No Comments2183 Views

(Business News) What 10 jobs won't be around in the future? Some are expected, others may surprise you.

switch aggregator

Switch launches 1st learn-to-code course se...

Oct 09, 2014No Comments3620 Views

(Tech News) Switch is breaking ground by pulling online and offline learn-to-code courses, offering reviews, and becoming the premier source of information for the industry.

digital trends

10 ways mobility is changing how modern ret...

Oct 07, 20141 Comment6734 Views

(Business Marketing) As mobile device technologies become widely adopted, retailers must adjust to address this new mobility if they want to maximize their profits.