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social media cheat sheet

How to actually maximize your social media ...

Aug 26, 2014No Comments991 Views

(Social Media) Social media has become a noisy vacuum, so wasting time is easy, but to keep your efforts targeted, here are the stats you'll need to absorb.

support local business

Research proves how tech savvy empty nester...

Aug 25, 2014No Comments2231 Views

(Business Marketing) Empty nesters are often thought of as less tech savvy than their younger counterparts, but new research proves otherwise - how your brand needs to adapt to this shift.


Family Dollar rejects Dollar General propos...

Aug 24, 2014No Comments3865 Views

(Business News) Dollar General offers Family Dollar a lucrative merger, which the company promptly rejected in favor of the Dollar Tree deal.

startup investors

6 surprising things startup investors don&#...

Aug 20, 2014No Comments1348 Views

(Editorial) Startup investors are busy and they're considering hundreds of companies at any given time, so be sure you know how NOT to waste their time or annoy them (if you want their money, of course).

credit cards

5 Common myths that may be affecting your b...

Aug 18, 2014No Comments385 Views

Your business credit score is critical Balboa Capital, a leading independent financing company that specializes in equipment leasing and small business loans, announced the results of its mid-2014 small business survey that was sent to over 450,000


Practical skills every tech startup busines...

Aug 18, 2014No Comments314 Views

(Business News) Whether looking to start or join a tech startup as the go-to business person, there are skills required and often lacking in the person occupying this role.

super malware

Rise of the Super-Malware: why it matters t...

Aug 18, 2014No Comments1116 Views

Super-Malware is often misunderstood by the average professional but can cost any brand big bucks, so let's brush up on the topic together!


LegalSifter turns contract legalese into un...

Aug 15, 2014No Comments2157 Views

(Tech News) LegalSifter helps freelancers (and anyone else, really) decipher the legal speak of contracts into plain English.


Looking for a WordPress alternative? Pageki...

Aug 14, 2014No Comments1794 Views

(Tech News) Pagekit has launched out of alpha as a beautiful, modern CMS, but is it a WordPress killer?


Do you know the difference between a web de...

Aug 14, 20141 Comment3169 Views

(Tech News) When you need a new site or app, do you know if you need to hire a web designer or a web developer? They aren't the same thing, but many people think they are.


Do you really know how many people have acc...

Aug 14, 2014No Comments1406 Views

(Tech News) Whether you did it on purpose or not, you've given people access to documents on your Google Drive account, so who all has eyes inside of your account?

android device manager

Android Device Manager’s new “c...

Aug 13, 20143 Comments2228 Views

(Tech News) The Android Device Manager already on your phone just got 73% more awesome with a "call owner" button that increases your chances of getting back that lost phone!