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job interview

Addressing core religious beliefs during th...

Sep 29, 2014No Comments627 Views

(Business) Corporate core religious beliefs can determine and employee's benefits and coverage; find out how to address this delicate issue.

ups 3d printing

100+ UPS stores will offer 3D printing: is ...

Sep 23, 2014No Comments3151 Views

(Tech News) After a successful pilot, UPS has announced they will be adding professional 3D printers in 100 locations, making the technology accessible overnight.


How a 130 year old company has gone without...

Sep 21, 2014No Comments2918 Views

(Business) Victorinox has gone 130 years without layoffs, with one simple method that any company can easily duplicate, saving future staffs' jobs.

bader meinhof

Baader-Meinhof scientifically explains the ...

Sep 21, 2014No Comments2096 Views

(Business News) Baader-Meinhof is the phenomenon that explains why after you buy the newest thing, you suddenly see everyone else using it. Science!

vizzywig 4k

Would you pay $999.99 for this video editin...

Sep 21, 2014No Comments5347 Views

(Tech News) Apple has recently approved a $1k app in their App Store - what is it, and is it worth the spend?


Apple launches iOS 8: secret functions, and...

Sep 20, 2014No Comments2866 Views

(Tech News) Apple has launched iOS 8 after a disappointing iOS 7, adding new features - here's everything you need to know about the new OS.


EverBooked: startup controls your Airbnb pr...

Sep 20, 2014No Comments2123 Views

(Tech News) EverBooked is a startup in beta that looks to empower Airbnb listers with price management much like big hotel chains benefit from.


Netropolitan, the social network for the ri...

Sep 20, 20141 Comment2483 Views

(Social Media) Netropolitan has launched to connect wealthy folks - why the high price tag, and is it worth it?


Dragdis Chrome extension rocks bookmarking ...

Sep 18, 20141 Comment2898 Views

(Tech News) Dragdis is a Chrome extension for bookmarking that we actually like - this could help a lot of us get some organization back into our lives!

samsung note

Samsung stays sassy, mocks the iPhone 6 Plu...

Sep 15, 20141 Comment3867 Views

(Tech News) What do you do when your competitor copies you - ignore or fight? Samsung gets sassy as they mock the new iPhone 6 Plus for being a replica of their own products launched years ago.


Comcast threatens to cut off customers that...

Sep 15, 20142 Comments3649 Views

(Tech News) For users of one browser, Comcast is making assumptions about their use and threatening to end their contract, which could leave many without any internet options.


Starbucks reconsiders their policy against ...

Sep 14, 2014No Comments2735 Views

(Business News) Starbucks is often regarded as an example of setting policies and inspires other brands, so what does this change mean?