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sales skills

6 ways to sharpen your sales skills, stat

Apr 08, 2015No Comments4113 Views

Sales skills are important today, whether it's your job title or not - one expert shares his tips for improving.

millennials workforce

3 Critical tips for Millennials entering th...

Apr 08, 2015No Comments2306 Views

Millennials are entering the workforce during a unique and challenging time in history, so how does one compete and even excel? We ask a Millennial entrepreneur what she did to get ahead (and it's as unpredictable as

credit cards

10 secrets to maximizing credit card reward...

Jan 13, 2015No Comments6254 Views

(Business Finance) Credit card rewards are an easy way to cash in, but most people don't know how to use them properly or where extra money is hiding - here, we tell you how to find it!


Fostering leadership: confessions of a mega...

Jan 06, 20151 Comment3682 Views

(Business Entrepreneur) Fostering leadership in your company or team can be a tremendous challenge, but the founder of a multi-billion dollar company tells us how their brand has done just that.

google glass

Has Google Glass adoption fizzled out? Does...

Dec 29, 20142 Comments4961 Views

(Tech News) Google Glass was once thought to be the next big thing, so why aren't people nationwide adopting them at neck-breaking rates? Has the excitement fizzled?

cloud computing

5 ways the cloud is reshaping business in 2...

Dec 20, 2014No Comments9245 Views

(Business) Everyone knows about the cloud, but do you know how it is reshaping business right before our eyes?

i can't breathe

Woman to trademark “I Can’t Bre...

Dec 19, 2014No Comments1345 Views

(Business News) Made famous by a tragedy, the "I Can't Breathe" phrase is the subject of a new trademark application, but this is one strange case...

instagram ads

Facebook bought Instagram for $1B; it’...

Dec 19, 20141 Comment1076 Views

(Social Media) Instagram has gone from a $1B to $35B company in just two years, making big moves and paving the path toward an extremely profitable future.

bpg graphic

BPG: brand new image format is half the siz...

Dec 16, 20141 Comment3094 Views

(Tech News) BPG is the newest image format to be invented, and with higher quality and smaller size than a JPEG, it stands to make a huge impact.

holiday shopping

5 holiday business tips you might not have ...

Dec 15, 20141 Comment5151 Views

(Business) Business tips abound during this holiday season, but there are some things you could be doing that you might have missed in preparation for this holiday season.

new year resolution

3 new year’s resolutions to grow your...

Dec 15, 2014No Comments4617 Views

(Business) It's that time of year again, where we look at our past to propel our future - and businesses are hoping for a more profitable 2015. Here are three tips to set you on your way.

facebook problem

Facebook flub: missing third option for pol...

Dec 11, 2014No Comments3147 Views

Facebook made some changes recently, but their execution fell short, leaving some users in the dark - are you doing the same? Probably.