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stay busy in slow season

How agents can stay busy in the slow season

Dec 31, 2013No Comments4604 Views

(Business News) The slow season can be brutal for agents in some markets, but even in the toughest areas, there are things agents can do to stay busy without doing busy work.

android audi

Audi to announce Android technology integra...

Dec 30, 2013No Comments3083 Views

(Tech News) Audi and Google have teamed up to integrate the Android OS into dashboards, a direct response to Apples "iOS in the Car" program launched this year.

amazon delivery

Amazon may handle their own deliveries afte...

Dec 30, 2013No Comments3159 Views

(Business News) As UPS failed to meet Amazon promises of rapid delivery, the company will probably expedite their plans to handle their own deliveries - let's look at the breadcrumbs.


Pinterest is now more popular than Twitter ...

Dec 30, 20133 Comments4196 Views

(Social Media) Pew Research has unveiled new social media stats, reporting that Pinterest is gaining dramatic ground as Twitter slips. Meanwhile, almost every adult using social media is using Facebook.

faa drone rules

Aerial drone research sites announced to es...

Dec 30, 20131 Comment3673 Views

(Business News) After a ten-month period, the FAA has announced the six cities that will be home to years of research it will take to establish new laws for aerial drone use in the U.S.


8 tips that insure the success of any new b...

Dec 30, 20135 Comments4438 Views

(Entrepreneur News) When considering launching a new business, there are proven steps that must be taken to insure that the business succeeds and continues to thrive over the years.


Two out of three called 2013 a bad year, st...

Dec 30, 2013No Comments2428 Views

(Business News) Many believed that 2013 was a bad year, but many have high hopes for 2014 as the economy slowly recovers and politicians play musical chairs.

nsa surveillance

NSA reportedly intercepts tech devices bein...

Dec 30, 20131 Comment220 Views

(Tech News) A new report out of Germany reads just like a spy novel, claiming that the NSA intercepts tech devices being shipped, installs spyware in secret locations, then ships them out for constant monitoring of difficult

wasting time

Top 10 ways you are accidentally wasting ti...

Dec 29, 2013No Comments11017 Views

(Business News) Productivity is a challenge in the digital era, and unfortunately, there are still many innocent habits that most people have that lead to wasting time at work.


What is the most rude thing a customer has ...

Dec 29, 2013No Comments4200 Views

(Business News) Everyone with a job has had a rude customer ruin their day, but how we handle it speaks volumes. Let's look at several first hand stories to learn more.

motivational quotes

16 motivational and inspirational quotes fo...

Dec 29, 20133 Comments56003 Views

(Business News) As we close out the year and gear up for 2014, we look to the wisdom of others for inspiration to keep us on our resolved path.

denver legal pot

Marijuana legalized for recreational use: b...

Dec 29, 2013No Comments2940 Views

(Business News) Marijuana legalized in Colorado could not only lead to a second wave of high tax revenue and booming business, potentially setting the stage for other states to follow.